There are common signs I have seen in my clients when they have been settling for less than there value and what they are worthy of.

They crop up when rather than stepping into their unique authentic power they are letting fear and doubt control and keep them from achieving whatever it is their heart is desiring.

Here are the 23 most commons ones I have seen…..

  1. You feel as if life has more to offer than it is right now
  2. You allow other people to curb your enthusiasm
  3. You find it difficult to stand up for what you believe in
  4. You look for or need the approval from all those around you
  5. You make sure everyone else is happy first before you think about yourself
  6. You struggle to say no when people ask things of you
  7. When you look in the mirror you say hateful things about yourself that you would never dream of saying to anyone else
  8. You spend an exorbitant amount of time scrolling Instagram or Pinterest for the answer to how to ‘make yourself better’
  9. You can’t laugh at yourself
  10. You hide or squish any emotion by making a joke or laughing or deflecting it in some way
  11. You are constantly looking for evidence about yourself that confirms your limiting beliefs
  12. You’re still in the job you hate
  13. You’re in a relationship that isn’t supporting you
  14. You’re worried about people judging you
  15. You have so many dreams that are unfulfilled
  16. You regularly hear the voice in your head saying “You aren’t good enough!”
  17. You work hard but don’t play hard
  18. You aren’t doing any personal development
  19. You see what you want as impossible to achieve
  20. You feel put upon by those around you
  21. You don’t have the time for the things you love doing
  22. You don’t want to be a nuisance to people so won’t ask for what you want
  23. Your bank balance doesn’t reflect how hard you work and the hours you out in

There are many more but from this list, but you get a good sense of how you might be settling for less in your life right now.

If as a result of any or all of these things you are feeling angry, frustrated, stuck, disconnected or lost, it’s definitely time to do something about it!

One place to start is to understand what is having the biggest impact on you and the way you’re feeling right now.

Here is a process I take my clients through to help them…..

Draw a large circle on an A4 piece of paper

Divide it into 8 slices.

(Or here’s one I made earlier for you – just download it)

Label each slice an important aspect of your life and what you value. These will be different for each person.

But for example, mine were career, travel/adventure, personal development, relationship, finances, friends & family, health, creativity.

For each one write a short paragraph describing what your dream vision is for that aspect. Everything you would love to see, feel and be doing in that area of your life.

Once you have done that, give it a mark out of 10 for how it is currently. 10 is “I feel fully abundant in this area and couldn’t be any more fulfilled, I’m living the vision” and 0 is “This doesn’t even exist for me right now”. So mark it in terms of how close you are to 10!

When you’re done for all 8, take a few minutes to reflect and notice where at this very moment you are settling for less than what you want.

The temptation will be to feel overwhelmed and negative if there are a number of areas that aren’t living up to your vision. Firstly, I want to say that dropping down into those feelings is a choice. You can choose to go there (which I assure you will keep you feeling even more stuck and frustrated) or you can choose to look at this as a useful exercise that’s given you clarity about the situation and you’re now going to make a promise to yourself to do something about it!

And with that, pick one segment that you want to focus on first. Which one do you feel needs the most attention?

And now I want you to ask yourself the question – what is the one small step I will take today to move towards my vision for this area of my life and how will I do it?

And I would love to hear from you! What is the area of your life you are focusing on now having done this exercise? What was your ‘a ha’ moment? And what small step have you promised yourself you’re going to take today?

Leave your comments below.

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You are awesome, your dreams are awesome and you definitely need to feel true and be you!

Much 💜



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