Two Stars 🌟 🌟 & A Wish 💫 – A practice for critical thinking and gratitude

critical thinkingI came across an adorable approach to critical thinking taught to children by a friend of mine who is a language therapist.

I immediately saw how it’s not just a great approach to use with children but would so easily be useful for adults too, it’s just so simple.

It’s effective, it doesn’t feel all that “business and strategic” like and it taps into the imagination and creativity through its simplicity.

I have been using it with my clients ever since. And I really think it’s a wonderful tool for those that would find critically thinking about their day hugely useful – so particularly those that have a tendency to recognise the negative and not the positive things that have happened.

So what is this strategy to help critical thinking?


It’s called Two Stars 🌟 🌟 & A Wish 💫.

The two 🌟 🌟 are 2 things that were awesome about your day. Two things you might be appreciative of or grateful for or that went really well or that you just LOVED.

The wish 💫 is one thing that you would like to improve on or do differently or learn more about or get done.

The approach is wonderful for getting children to open up about their day at school or wherever when you ask them “How was your day?”.

So instead of the standard “yeah fine” you might get, this helps system helps them to use their language to describe their 2 stars and a wish and to develop their critical thinking.

But what I love about it is that it is equally an awesome way for us older folk to round off the day.

Just before you head to bed, or as you wrap up your day however you do, in a notebook write down your two stars 🌟 🌟 and you wish 💫.

It’s just an awesome way to bring the present day to a close – with a spot of gratitude and goal setting.

Try it tonight *|FNAME|*! And let me know what your 2 🌟🌟 and a wish 💫 were in the comments.

Here’s another piece I wrote about CREATIVITY that you might also be interested in.

XO  💕


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