I am Alissia and I coach awesome women entrepreneurs who want to create their dreamy businesses so they can live their life their way.

I know how important being authentic and true to yourself is to feel fulfilled in life. And that self-belief comes from standing up for what you really want, because you are worthy!

And I believe life is always giving you signs of your unique path to follow.


About Alissia


I am an introvert who loves my own time and space. I love deep connection with few people and struggle in large crowds. I'm a deep thinker and love to read and learn and help others with what I discover. I'm calm but deeply passionate. I enjoy the freedom to travel and will take any opportunity to do so. I'm most definitely a dog person and I adore my English Springer Spaniel Pepper.

My strengths: I’m curious and love to research and gather information. People trust me easily and quickly, and I feel honoured by that. I have a good sense of humour (well I think I do anyway!). I am compassionate and empathetic, yet hold the other person responsible for themselves.

My strengths as a coach include creating a safe, trusting relationship; gentle directness; ability to peel back the layers to get to the root; being able to not know; laughter!

The OTHER experience I draw upon.....

  • Over 10 years in Communications, PR & Marketing
  • Previously working across private, public and third sectors
  • Volunteering experience
  • My own entrepreneurial journey
  • My appetite for setting myself 'out of my comfort zone' challenges ~ the latest one is a 3-mile open water swim for charity.
  • Being a dog owner ~ dogs can teach us some awesome lessons!
  • My travels

My Story

I was an overweight child who became an overweight teenager. At my biggest, my clothes had hit size 20, which for just 5ft 3in tall, was a significant size at such a challenging time of life.

I was so self-conscious. I struggled with a lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

At 18 I saw a photograph of me holding my then baby cousin and all I could see was rolls and sadness.

I knew immediately I had to do something about my size! I joined a slimming club and started to lose the weight and began to exercise (I'd always been the kid that made up excuses not to do PE at school, I hated it! Mostly because I was so self-conscious).

Fast forward a few years and although I had successfully lost the weight and changed eating and exercising habits (it turned out I actually really enjoyed working out A LOT!), I hadn't shifted my mindset and my self-confidence was non-existent. I was incredibly shy and awkward around new people and in new situations, always wanting to hide away in the background.

It stopped me from going away to university....

I tried, but I let the negative talk in my head win over and I was home within two weeks. I was still seeing myself as that fat girl with little to give or celebrate about. I took a year out to work and went back to university in my hometown where everything was comfortable and known.

Even so, through university and as I started my career in PR, my internal story that I was not good enough or I would never be as successful or interesting as others plagued me.

I had big dreams. I had visions of life I wanted. But I'd never actually push myself to take a leading role in designing my life, I just drifted, taken on by my limiting beliefs - I was average only worthy and good enough for average things!

This constant self-sabotage was exhausting.

I was making decisions based on what I thought I could do and not what I really wanted to do.

It left me feeling empty, deflated and totally pissed off at myself.

Deep down I really knew there was so much more out there for me to do and a greater potential I needed to fulfil.

I knew in my core that I wanted to work for myself and be my own boss and have freedom, variety, flexibility and passion about something I created for myself.

I had a deep desire to rebel against conforming to the norm. I wanted to question more, experiment more and try things and do it without being judged by others.

Although I wasn't sure what this actually looked like for me, I desperately wanted to find out!

I was getting increasingly frustrated and miserable at work. It wasn't doing it for me anymore. I wanted more; I wanted something else. Sunday evenings became unbearable knowing that Monday morning was just a sleep away, and it would start all over again.

My 'aha' moment came when out of the blue my personal trainer said to me "You'd make a great PT, why don't you give it a go!"

Something inside me knew this was THAT opportunity to create a whole new path for me!

A path that no longer tied me to my past, and didn't have me tied to a desk, 9 - 5, day in day out, working for someone else and living up to other people's expectations.

And instead of brushing it off, thinking I couldn't possibly do that, I thought "What the hell, I'm game! Why not???".

I realised I needed to LOVE MY LIFE not just exist in it anymore!

That day I gave up playing it safe! I gave up on hiding behind my self-conscious fat child. I knew had to do it!

So it's exactly what I did!

I studied for my PT qualification and created my business while still working full time. I learnt the lessons of easing into a new business journey and seeking support for both business and mental wellbeing.

As soon as I had my qualification in my hand I quit my job and, ta-da, became my own boss.

I have since invested a lot of time and money in my development, which is one of the things I love to do.

I've spent a lot of time visualising and cultivating the life I want and with this, my self-belief has grown exponentially, and it's this that has also calmed those self-doubts and limiting beliefs!

I believe all it takes is a "Hell Yes" and stepping up the investment in yourself!

Since creating my first initial business I have trained professionally as a life coach so that I can work with people on a deeper level, exploring their vision for their best lives and helping them work towards that.

The more I've worked with women in my capacity as a PT and a coach I've become hugely passionate about encouraging women to remove the emotional straightjacket that holds them back from feeling comfortable in their own skin, who they are and what they want.

I want women to feel free to explore greater freedom, flexibility and their passions no matter their situation. I want them to see life as being pliable as opposed to predefined. And I believe it's about creating even more equality between men and women, especially around emotional wellbeing.

What's key to this is for women to step into their own, unique and inspiring awesomeness and be unapologetic about who they are and what they want in life.

I want more women to create a life they love through becoming entrepreneurial and uncaged from the confines that society puts women in.

Through self-exploration I appreciated the importance of following your dreams, embracing change and most certainly who you are as a unique individual.


I want to impact the lives of hundreds of women so they will go out into their communities and readdress gender inequalities, creating a more flexible, open-minded world for themselves and the next generation.....

I want more women to discover freedom, creativity, adventure, beauty, inspiration and truth.

I want more women to wake up to the fact that life is pliable and not predetermined by current societal expectation.

I want more women to realise that it’s necessary to chase their dreams, and mould their lives to help them to flower and that it’s not selfish by any means.

I want there to be more female business leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs, who are encouraging heart centred business practices. I want each woman to recognise their awesomeness and in their unique, authentic and unapologetic way!

About Alissia Life Coach at Alissa Knight Coaching


"Alissia is one of the kindest and positive people I know. I admire her as she isn't afraid (or if she is, she conquered her fears) to try new things, both in her social and work life that adds value to her life in a positive way! If she can do that for herself she certainly can for you. And on a personal note, as my personal trainer when I was pregnant, she helped me a lot and I'm grateful for her support xx" 

Katie, Southampton 

"Alissia is an incredibly caring and compassionate person who has undergone her own transformation including becoming a life coach. Because of this she is perfect for helping others to transform themselves with a combination of insightfulness, fun and and strength."

Corry, London

"Alissia is a deeply thoughtful, courageous and compassionate person who has a powerful impact on others. She is a skilled coach who sees the best in the people she works with and skilfully draws out courage and clarity living in them. She does this with a light touch and belief which makes working with her an absolute delight."

Naomi, Petersfield

I've known Alissia for 23 (!) years and it has been amazing to watch her grow and change over this time due to her constant drive and determination to understand who she really is and what she wants from life. This has helped her to grow her own self-confidence which in turn has helped her to realise her passion for helping others to achieve the same. She is a thoughtful, kind and caring person who genuinely wants to help other people strive to feel good about themselves and to achieve their goals. xxx

Naomi, Southampton

I am a Co-Active trained coach with the Coaching Training Institute. CTI is the oldest and largest in-person coach training school and one of the most innovative leadership training organisations in the world. I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer and currently studying the MNU Certification in Nutrition.  

The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. 

Let’s rekindle the love in it!

About Alissia Knight