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I am Alissia

a doula, coach and
wellbeing practitioner

I love that you have stumbled across me, so I’ll share a little about myself.

I am passionate about empowering others to find their unique way through both the big and the small steps in life.

Before becoming a mum I was coaching women who wanted to start their dream businesses and create financial freedom, but following my own journey of pregnancy, birth and matrescence I felt a shift in my work and a tug to move into perinatal space.

I’ve two wonderful home births, have breastfeed to natural term and my natural parenting style aligns with attachment and gentle parenting. I know I’m in the minority when it comes to having two uncomplicated, empowering births and I want this for more people. I’m so driven to make a change and have an impact on birth experiences and the narrative surrounding parenting.

It’s why I’m now supporting people in their early parenthood journey, helping them to feel confident about their personal choices, maintaining love, connection and the ability to nurture their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Behind the work

Mum of two and soul mates with James

I am mum to my two wonderful daughters, Jemima and Phoebe, and I have an amazing partner James.

Together James and I have also set up Isle of Wight Birth Pools, a pool hire company as we’re both passionate about supporting home births (ok this is work, lol!).

We live on the beautiful Isle of Wight and have a very energetic Cocker Spaniel called Hetty. We live by the water. It’s a must for me….. I love to be by it, in it or on it!

I geek out reading personal development books, exploring new concepts and tools I can use in my own life and with clients. I am a perfectionist and people pleaser in recovery!

I love travelling. My list of places I want to visit is huge and I don’t think I’ll get to tick all of them off in my lifetime but I’m giving it a good go!

I am a qualified personal trainer and although this isn’t something I do anymore, I still enjoy exercise and find it is a must for me to clear by head and come back to in to my body and the present moment.

And I love a moment with a cuppa and some good chocolate….

If you like what you’ve read and you want to explore how I can support you then please get in touch with me for a no obligation chat. If it doesn’t click I will happily point you in the direction of some other wonderful beings!


Love and hugs,


Kind words



‘Working with Alissia has allowed me to take the time to focus on myself. She has helped me improve my confidence and positivity and I would recommend Alissia to anyone who feels “stuck” and wants to move forwards.”

~ Rebecca


“Alissia is amazing at helping you discover where you are and what is holding you back. I always feel very uplifted and energized by her enthusiasm and optimism. I highly recommend working with her! You will undoubtedly end in a much better and happier place.”

~ Melissia


“Each time we met (virtually), Alissia created a space where I could easily share my thoughts and experiences. She made me feel understood! I especially loved how she’d point out subtle shifts in my language and expressions which helped me see things with a fresh perspective while deepening my self-awareness.”

~ Elysha


“I had the privilege of working with Alissia for some coaching sessions recently. Alissia really helped me move past my blocks by getting me to dig deeper and deeper into my thoughts and patterns of behaviour that I’d unintentionally and subconsciously built up inside.”

~ Mhairi

I love to share!

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