When you’re asked THAT question…..

Is there a certain question or questions that you dread other people asking you?

Because they’re the questions that trigger you inside.

They’re the questions you never have an adequate answer for.

Or the questions that make you feel like you’re being measured in some way.

Or it’s because the question is coming from a particular person.

For me, one of those questions was “So how is business going?”, especially in the early days!

I dreaded this question coming up.

Instantly my brain would go to “will this person think I should be doing better”, “they won’t think I’m doing well enough” or something along those lines.

I’d struggle to give an answer having jumped to the conclusion I was being measured in some way and it would leave me feeling deflated.

(and by the way, this is all the work of my own judgement, not anyone else’s.)

Then it occurred to me…..

It’s a choice whether to answer this question or any other question that triggers me like this.

So now if I don’t want to answer (and I know this from the sensation of a lump in my throat) then I will politely skip over it and direct the conversation on to something else.

I won’t be rude as I don’t want to snub the other person. Instead, I will simply become more curious about them.

And most of the time they don’t even notice 😁

So I put it to you…..

You really don’t ‘have to’ answer every question that is fired at you in a conversation, you too have this very same choice.

And when you’re asked THAT question simply change the direction of the conversation.

I promise you, it won’t come across rude if it’s done with some thought and it will definitely help you be at ease with the rest of conversation and with yourself.

So, here’s to becoming a trigger question deflecting machine…..

All my love 💕


N.B The only scenario in which this might not be such a good idea is in an interview! It might come across a little strange.

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