Assumptions are bad for business!!

Making assumptions is one of the most sabotaging things you can do for your business and in life!

As a small business owner or aspiring business owner, you may not realise that you could be making assumptions that are holding you back.

Assumptions are literally things we have dreamed up in our imagination! Our own story!

They fill in the blanks when there is incomplete and missing information.

It comes quite natural to our mind to do this. It likes to try to make sense of people and situations.

But assumptions are NOT reality! AND more often than not incorrect and misleading.

I see it often when talking with my clients. They make a grand statement like….

“Those people won’t be able to afford it.”

“I have to charge xx amount to get any business.”

“They aren’t interested because they haven’t responded to my email.”

“I’ll annoy people if I contact them xxx times / post xxx times.”

“I will get it done quicker if I do it myself.”

“My audience are xxxxx people.”

They jump in with these statements without having looked at whether this is really true; without having ruled out any other kind of alternative.

BUT assumptions….

Stifle creativity!

Kill possibility and opportunity!

Halt open communication and create misunderstandings!

Waste time and energy!

Create obstacles that do not exist!

And so, so much more!

It’s so easy to skip out the part where you ask the questions to understand the reality and what the other possibilities might be.

It’s like going into a maze and deciding you’re only going to go in one direction. You’re not likely to get very far!!

Making assumptions is easy because your mind wants to make things simple and save time; it wants to avoid being uncomfortable and stepping into the unknown; it’s resistant to show others that there are things you don’t know. And it doesn’t want to find out something that goes against what it already believes.

But making assumptions is risky. Those that are successful in business don’t take these risks because they know it’s about asking the right questions to seek the facts and staying in full control.

Ending assumptions is like any skill, it takes practice. Asking questions is simple, and not always easy. The more you do it the easier it will become!

Challenging your own assumptions could reveal answers that could transform your business for the better.

My question to you is what assumptions are you making now that you MUST go back and question?

XO  💕


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