When you’re asked THAT question…..

Is there a certain question or questions that you dread other people asking you? Because they’re the questions that trigger you inside. They’re the questions you never have an adequate answer for. Or the questions that make you feel like … Read More

Do You ‘Should’ All Over Yourself

F@£k that ‘should’ shit….. To the guilt and shame of “I should be a better…..” Employee Mother Daughter Wife Friend Sister Provider Exerciser Eater Traveller Role model That’s one hell of a mountain of shitty feelings. I feel weighed down just … Read More


Where does authentic confidence come from? I believe there are 4 INTERNAL factors for creating authentic confidence, Inner wisdom Self-trust Self-compassion Self-acceptance So play the video to find out more….. As always, I’m really interested, If anything has come up for … Read More

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