Am I the only one seeing it??? This disturbing trend of chasing big numbers….

It seems like success and progress is only measured by numbers and big ones at that!

“Get 10,000 followers on Instagram, I can show you how….”

“Sign up 5,000 subscribers to your mail list by doing this….”

“Achieve 5 figure months by doing this….”

“10x your income and grow a widely successful business”

And there are more and more “gurus” and “experts” jumping on the bandwagon spouting ideas that us entrepreneurs and business owners need to be chasing the big numbers to have a better, more successful business.

Personally, I’m seeing it in the business coaching arena and particularly online where everyone is an expert in helping coaches gain ‘high-end’ clients (as they call them) to increase their overall income “So you achieve a six/seven figure business in just blah blah months”. It makes my skin crawl if I’m perfectly honest.

And it’s mainly to sell their own courses and services (although you see very little of their actual client’s longterm results…. Now that would be interesting to see!).

I’m pretty sure this trend is not only cropping up in my industry I also bet there is something similar in yours too.

So many RED FLAGS 🚩 go up for me when I see this in the sponsored ads on Facebook or in the online groups or the freebie content you can sign up for or where ever…..

And I think it’s really damaging the way many are setting up and running their businesses, especially in the early period.

Without any qualifying info (which there very rarely is!), such as how financially profitable a business needs to be already, how established the products and services need to be or whether the fundamentals such as key messages and understanding of ideal customers already exist, those that are advocating chasing the big numbers are….

  •  Implying this is something you should be chasing from the very early set up days….
  • Creating a sense of inadequacy if you’re not one of those achieving these big numbers….
  • Advocating quantity over quality….
  • Not ensuring people have learnt the fundamentals of business development, sales and marketing before getting bogged down in such superficial numbers…..
  • Undermining the importance of truly understanding your business first

But unfortunately many are being drawn in because it sounds good. It sounds impressive and who wouldn’t want to be able to gloat about big numbers???

It frustrates me no end….. because chasing the big numbers also seems to bypass your super important guidepost – THE REASON YOU STARTED YOUR BUSINESS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Your ‘WHY’ may not even require you to chase these big numbers (at least not at this moment in time).

>> The lifestyle you want might not even require you to earn 6 figures or more a year. Simply to cover your old salary with the benefit of running your own schedule could be all you want.

>> Having a huge following could have you stuck with your phone in hand or head in your laptop feeling like you need to present at all times when actually you wanted to stop people pleasing, hence going to alone on your terms.

>> Having thousands of non-engaged followers could in fact just zap you of energy. Have a smaller but interactive following could fill you up and enable you to have the impact you want.

>> Having thousands on your email list could make it difficult to fine-tune your powerful voice and message without diluting to please the masses.

There is a time and a place for increasing profits, increasing following and serving more but the fundamentals should be in place first….

  • A strong understanding of how you want to show up in your business. What you’re willing and wanting to do and what you’re not!
  • Well oiled brand story and key messages.
  • Packages and products that are tried and tested and you know help your customers fill a need.
  • Smaller but super-engaged audience who are the most likely to buy and the repeat buy.
  • A focus on your current client’s or customer’s results which you can share – it will naturally draw interested people to you and will grow organically over time.
  • Keeping things simple and consistent

These fundamentals allow you to learn and understand your business and who you are as a leader in that business.

These fundamentals give you confidence, allow you to follow your intuition and picture the direction YOU want your business to go in.

So when you see this BS about big numbers and it triggers you in some way put on you ‘cloak of protection’ (I’m stealing this from the Wise Hippo Hypnobirthing class we’ve recently done) or put the blinkers on; Particularly when you know there is still work to be done elsewhere in your business that strengthens the fundamentals it’s underpinned on.

This is certainly what I focus on in all my business coaching programmes because I see so many people who have jumped 100 steps ahead when they haven’t given enough time to the basics.

I’m really curious, what’s been your experience of this kind of thing?

What’re your views? Do you agree or disagree with me? I’d love to have a conversation about it!

XO 💕

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