You know in your heart that you want more freedom, flexibility and control over your work.

You have a calling to create a business or do work that fills you with joy.

You want a work life that fits around a lifestyle you want, rather than the other way round.

But taking that leap from employee to having your own business looks and feels so so difficult, almost impossible, because you don't know where to start.

I can assure you it is absolutely possible, I've been there and done it and so have all my clients.

All you need is the vision, a realistic plan and a supportive cheerleader who is going to help you on the way.

In this strategy call we will identify the path you're going to take to start working on your dream business and transition from your day job. We will break this down into simple, manageable steps for you to follow.

The Day Job To Dream Business strategy session will give you the confidence that you have things under control and can do what's needed for your dream to become reality.

From the session you will:
  • Know how to use your current situation and day job to your advantage in building your dream business
  • Know your business model and who you want to serve
  • Have clarity over finances - a realistic picture to work with
  • Know how you're going to create the right environment for working on your dream business
  • Start researching and testing your services/products

We'll partner up as your project management team to get things going and.....

You will have:

⚡️Renewed energy for working towards being your own boss!

⚡️A project outline that will keep you focused

⚡️A clear step by step list of actions

⚡️The secret to not getting overwhelmed

⚡️Commitment to making it happen!

So what's included:
  • A JUMPSTART questionnaire

You'll get an email with the link to the Typeform questionnaire. This questionnaire is all about YOU and your current situation and future aspirations. Your assessment helps me make sure that I understand you and your current position and your goal, so I can help you reach it!

  • The 90 minute call via Zoom

In this call, we'll work the magic and create your strategy for transitioning from your day job to being your own boss. Together we'll explore the barriers and how to overcome them. And then create a plan so you can get to work straight away!

  • An action plan that you'll leave with from the call

You'll have every step outlined for you to work through. It will be clear and manageable for you.

  • A 30 minute 'follow up for success' call

This follow-up session is to review how you're doing.  We'll look at your progress and fine-tune your approach and get your next steps figured out so you can keep going. This session will keep you on track and moving forward.

  • Unlimited Email Support Between Each Session:

You may get off our Zoom call and think, “I wish I'd asked Alissia that!” No worries, email me. I'm here to support you so ask away!

Investment: £129

Here’s how to get started:

**** I am currently on maternity leave returning early 2020. If you would like to work with me on my return click here to join my wait list!****

If you’re ready to commit, take action and succeed, let’s get going!

Step 1. Sign up and make your payment via PayPal here.

Step 2. Watch for an email from me with your JUMPSTART Questionnaire. We’ll also schedule your call at this point. You’ll reply with answers to the questions so you can get the most out of our time working together.

Step 3. Your first call. 90 minutes of goodness via Zoom.

Step 4. Action List. You’ll have a list of actions to-do after our first call.

Step 5. Follow up conversation. We’ll have our 30-minute call.

"Thank you so much! This is a really helpful process and it's confirming that I 100% fall into that personality type that needs external motivation.
Your coaching and offering are perfect for people like me, so I'm thrilled!"

~ Kelly Benson, Holistic Health & Sleep Coach.