Do it your way, not theirs!

The temptation when starting your own business is to copy how someone already successful in your market area or industry is doing it…. 

Often the thinking is that you can reduce the work for yourself because you’ll move 20 or so steps ahead by following what they’re doing as it seems to be working. 

But from experience and exploring this with many clients this often leads to is a sense of being lost in your own business. Feeling like your business doesn’t quite fit you right – as if you are wearing the wrong sized shoes or a bra that isn’t supporting you the way it should 😩

Now it isn’t necessarily a bad thing to seek ideas from others that you can incorporate into your business. However, I want you to do this with caution and an open mind!

Here’s why…….

The hardest path to go down is to try and copy how other people are running their businesses through guesswork. Although many in the online world will now enlighten you to their way, it might not be the whole story, just the abridged bits they want you to see – the successful bits and not the journey that got them there (which will tell a story of its own if you could be witness to it!).

What they’re doing now has probably taken them years to build up to. They have learnt important personal and business lessons along the way that has shaped their business into what you see now. 

They have spent many years serving their customers and learning what they want and ensuring their messages and product and service hits the mark. 

They have learnt how to do their thing consistently to have the impact they are having. 

What they’re doing could be the result of having a team; having slick systems and processes; having the technology and the extra financial investment. This may not be something you can implement from the off. 

What they’re doing may not suit your preferred way of working or your personality. 

So how you can create your business your way, with integrity, and fits you like that all-important comfy and supportive bra?

~ Trust in your own ideas and your intuition. Empowering yourself to be the chief decision maker and leader!

~ Understand your strengths and what you enjoy doing. Get to know these things intimately! 

~ Do your research and evaluation. If you like the look of something someone else is doing, spend time looking into it and regularly ask yourself does that work for my product/service, for my audience, for me?

~ Start simple (avoid the temptation to be focusing on all the things at the same time – a recipe for overwhelm and confusion) with a simple plan you’re going to follow. 

~ Serve and learn and gradually scale up as go. Through this process, you will understand so much about the people you want to work with – how they think about the world, how they want to be in the world, what their motivations are etc and you’ll know how exactly your products/services will support them to fulfil this. 

~ When you’re feeling a little unsure, look at how you can be more authentic – start there then look outwards! 

I’m pretty sure one of the reasons you’ve started, or are considering having, your own business is to have creative control and freedom over what you do, so why jeopardise this by imitating others! Learn what you can from other, yes, but be asking will this really work for you, my way? 

Go forth and build your empire (or your business) your way! You’ve got this! 


XO  💕


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