Do THIS to increase your confidence to go for the thing you want most…..

What is ‘THIS’ that will increase confidence I hear you ask?

Well, ‘this’ is in fact ANYTHING.

Anything that if you achieve will give you the most amazing boost.

Anything that you know is still a challenge for you, but you know you can complete much easier right now than the thing you most want, as there is less fear around it.

So, the anything can be completely unrelated to the thing you most want!

I may have lost you here, so let me explain…..

Here’s an example from my own very recent experience….

Yesterday I completed my FIRST EVER 5km (200 lengths or 3 miles) swim.

I’ve been training for it as part of the charity swim I’ve signed up for in July.

I have scheduled in three swimming sessions a week, which has been really manageable. And once a month, may more, I have completed a longer swim to increase my distance. But swimming the full 5km still felt like a daunting prospect, as it’s been the first time I’ve ever completed any kind of swimming challenge like this.

And when it came to the swim itself (despite being pretty apprehensive about whether I could do it in the 2 1/2hours I needed to) I smashed it out the park….. 5km in 2hr 20mins – plenty of time to spare and it felt really good.

I was hugely impressed and proud of myself, I had succeeded at something that I viewed as a pretty big challenge, and the endorphins were through the roof.

Riding on this high when I got back home, brimming with a newfound level of ‘Yes I can bloody do anything right now’, I decided to send an email to someone I have a total professional crush on to introduce myself and tell them my story and ask about connecting. I really, really want to work with this person in some capacity. It would just be phenomenal.

This had been on my ‘I really, really want to do this’ list for months and months. But I just hadn’t summoned up the courage to write the email and press send.

But coming off the back of a big achievement that had filled up my confidence goblet I wanted to continue with the positive vibes and keep going.

Confidence can be built from anywhere. At the end of the day, it’s an energy and it can be used to push forward with whatever you want to utilise it for.

So give yourself more options to how you fill up your confidence goblet – look outside the box for how you can manifest the energy and vibration in which confidence and self-belief exist.

I’d love to know what you could set yourself to raise your confidence vibration? Leave your comment below.

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XO  💕


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