Last month I spoke at a networking event. My talk was on creating authentic confidence intrinsically.

As part of the talk, I took the audience through a visualisation to meet their inner leader.

Afterwards, I had some great comments and feedback, it was well received. Yay! 🌟

Today I was again at the same networking event. One of the gorgeous ladies that had been there last time came over to me and said: “I just have to tell you this, I had the most amazing experience after your talk.”

And so she started to explain. She described how in her visualisation she was sat on a bench overlooking the most beautiful view and something told her to look behind her. There over her shoulder, she saw a gentleman with long dark hair, a long dark beard and the most piercing blue eyes.

She blushed as she described him. I think she liked what she saw! 😂

She then told me how after my talk she was driving home and something spoke to her and told her to go and find this bench and sit on it. So she took herself up to the top of the hill near her home and she sat on the bench and took in the view.

She heard that voice again and it told her to look behind her. So she did. This time she saw the landmark tower in the city of Portsmouth over the water on the mainland (we live on an island at the bottom of the UK).

And at that moment the voice said “You don’t have to bring everything you were doing back there here to the island. You can start again!”.

For her, this was so significant that right that moment the weight of the world lifted from her shoulders. She instantly felt free!

She had moved over from the mainland less than a year ago and had been trying to replicate everything she’d be doing there here on the island.

But she was struggling and it felt like hard work and she was drowning under it.

She said as soon as she heard those words, EVERYTHING changed for her. She realised she could start again. She could do anything she wanted. She could choose.

And since then all she has seen is possibilities and has been having fun with it.

Obviously, I was unaware of any of this until today until she came over to me and told me.

I had goosebumps as she told me. It was extraordinary to see the difference in her from last time to this! My heart filled up.

She isn’t a client and I’m not sure she ever will be but she will always remember her experience as a result of something I did for her.

It’s all about the way I made her feel and this is something she will talk to other people about!

And from this, I know that I have achieved something that is totally aligned with my purpose – to change lives.

It’s given me the most incredible urge to go out there and do more and more of it.

So I urge you to continue to do what you do and create the impact you need to create.

Not every time will result in a new client or customer or a sale but the high vibration of doing your work and having an impact will continue to carry you forward!

I’d love to know, have you had a similar experience? What’s your story?

XO  💕


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