Do you have a When Life Works List?

When you’re busy focusing on your mission to build the business and lifestyle of your dreams it’s quite easy to get very tunnel visioned and engulfed in it.

Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, you have this feeling that you’re swamped in it. You realise you haven’t come up for air for a while and that actually you’re feeling overwhelmed and all other crappy things….the opposite to the way you thought you’d be feeling.

It easily happens to us all! Especially when you’re a highly driven, motivated and determined person that has a vision guiding you forward.

You want it so much that the amazing thing that keeps you committed can also keep you somewhat over attached! And balance goes out of the window.

All of sudden your hating life (well maybe not so extreme, but it feels out of whack for sure!)

When you’re so focused on creating something for the future it’s easy to miss out on doing things that make life work for you now!

And this is why I’ve loved the idea of Sean Stephenson’s When Life Works List.

This is a list of actions and activities solely under your control, that when you do them, it feels you’re living a centred life already! Life flows and you’re fulfilled in the present moment.

To create the list you think of a time or times when life felt so, so good and identify the things you were doing!

As an example here is what is on my list:

  1. Exercising at least 4 – 5 times a week
  2. Spending quality time with James away from the house, chores, work and other day to day commitments
  3. Spending time outside in nature – hearing the birds sing, watching the sea, seeing the sky
  4. Getting 8 hours of sleep
  5. Reading self-development books and fiction that takes me on wonderful adventures
  6. Having a tidy office and house – no clutter
  7. Dedicating time to writing and journaling
  8. Drinking plenty of refreshing water
  9. Having quiet time and slowing down
  10. Going on adventures to explore somewhere new
  11. Spending time with friends and family
  12. Playing and spending time with the dog
  13. Sticking to working during my defined hours – adhering to the boundaries I have set
  14. Keeping things really simple – reducing complication
  15. Meeting new and interesting people
  16. Spending minimal time on social media

I love working in and on my business. It doesn’t feel like work to me, but every now and then I let it get a little bit all-consuming. And when I get that dark cloud come over; when I’m in a slump and life is feeling somewhat stilted or not working…. It’s time to look at the list!

I ask myself what is missing? What haven’t I been doing lately? And most likely I’ve not been doing any of these things. I’ve been neglecting the things that are just as satisfying and balancing for me.

This list is a reminder of the things that makes life wholesome and enjoyable right in this very moment, even while working towards big goals.

In fact, you don’t have to wait till things feel crappy before looking at the list. You could look at it every morning and proactively choose what you’re going to incorporate into your day. This is part of you creating the lifestyle you desire!

So what is on your When Life Works List?

XO  💕


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