Everyone wants to give you their opinion or tell you their story! What can you do about it??

Wowzers, I’ve come to realise how having a baby and running a business are both prime opportunities for everyone to want to express their opinion on how it ‘should’ be done, or to tell you a story of their experience (sadly mostly the negative stuff 😢).
It’s so, so interesting!!
I’m embracing birth and parenthood the same way I have done with my business…..
I take what I feel is useful to me and the way I want to do things. I leave what is not.
And I shield myself from the negative – I don’t need or want that energy in my life (not from others that’s for sure)!
I’ve built a really strong knowing of the way I want to be in my business and how I want to run it over the last few years.
I have a good idea now of what is aligned with that and what isn’t.
And I’m slowly establishing this for my journey into parenthood.
And it all comes from using and trusting my intuition.
That intuition of ours, when allowed to be present, has an awesome way of guiding us to what feels right for us.
From day 1 of coaching, I help clients to recognise when their intuition is talking (and not the little gremlin that wants to hide behind supposed logic and second guess everything!) so that they get super familiar with it and build that connection.
When they follow their intuition they often end up following the path of least resistance when it comes to making decisions in business and life.
>>> I’m curious, how often do you allow your intuition to lead?
What have been the results when you have?
Could you, or do you need to, tap into your intuition more when other people are in your space trying to lead you in a certain direction (either knowingly or unknowingly)?
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I love this work!

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