Mornings are my time….

I’m so much more energised and motivated in the morning.

I know this and now work with it rather than against. I do my exercise in the morning, I do priority jobs in the morning, I do my communication in the morning….

I very rarely do anything other than reading and research and a bit of learning later in the day. That’s when my batteries are low.

If I try and change this it rarely goes well or doesn’t happen at all. And then I feel guilty, and guilt is just the destroyer of fun, happiness and love for yourself.


Find your flow

Plan your day to work with your flow and not against it. 

Ask for help from others too to make it happen if you need time, space, a bit of freedom. When you are working with your flow you will radiate happiness and loved ones will want to see more of it.

I help clients to look at this and other similar topics. If you want to find out more book in for a free Skype call to find out how coaching could help you.

Feel True, Be YOU.



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