Happiness – what’s the secret?

Is there really a secret to happiness?

Well, I think there is, kind of…..

I’ve been listening to a book this week called ‘The Happiness Equation – want nothing + do anything = have everything.” by Neil Pasricha.

I love listening to these sorts of books to have insights and new perspectives on how the mind works and how we’re conditioned to think certain things and behave in certain ways.

AND to then think differently myself in order to reduce my own levels of anxiety, frustration etc…….

I made a vow to myself to question what we know and understand when it comes to societal expectations…..

Because I truly believe these have dramatically increased our levels of stress and anxiety…..

At the end of the day, we are human beings and don’t all fit in the same flipping mould! We all come in different shapes, sizes and personalities and experience things individually…..

Ooooh, I could definitely get going on a rant about all of that…. But that’s not the focus of this on this occasion.

So back to the book and the secret to happiness……

One of the best reminders in this book and that opens up this mostly unspoken secret is that IT (meaning happiness) DOEN’T COME AFTER you have achieved all the things that are on your wish list, it DOEN’T COME AFTER you’ve made it a success, it DOEN’T COME AFTER you have worked to exhaustion…..

HAPPINESS is already available to us all RIGHT NOW and when fully embraced can open up a whole new way of looking at and experiencing life……

As Neil Pasricha said in the book, “So what’s the first thing you must do before you can be happy?

“Be happy.

“Be happy first.

“Being happy opens up your learning centers. Your brain will light up like Manhattan skyscrapers at dusk, sparkle like diamonds under jewellery store lights, glow like stars in the black sky above a farmer’s field.”

(I loved, loved, loved all these beautiful metaphors by the way!)

Happiness is a matter of choice. Our mood can be switched and we can make a conscious effort to be happy, even when our negative self-talk is yammering away.

Yesterday I consciously choose to do things that would put me in an energetically happy mood. And this was despite my pesky self-talk pointing out how much work I ‘should’ get done and how the housework won’t do itself, yadda yadda, yadda……

During working hours I was reading and coaching while sitting in the park by the water. It felt so spacious and free.

Then in the evening James and I packed up the dog and the paddle board and went to the beach.

And as I was walking back to the van I had a euphoric moment, when I felt that I was truly happy and that my day, that very moment, was what happiness is all about.

It’s all the simple things I experience, which have come from the choices I make, which have led me to do things that align with me.

And actually, the biggest difference was that yesterday I stopped striving and pushing so much.

I stopped looking forward but simply thought about what do I want to do today!

Happiness as a feeling is so, so simple because it comes from within.

It’s definitely NOT about success, achievement, action, working, doing……

XO  💕


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