It’s time to relearn what you know about birth

May 25, 2023

Most of your learning of and exposure to birth will have come from the media – newspapers, tv programmes, Hollywood films. It’s very dramatised.

Or you’ve heard birth stories from parents and family, which likely all had similarities – in hospital, laying strapped to monitoring, pain relief, told to push etc. 

Plus, labour and birth have been taboo areas outside of the drama, with little time spent (certainly not enough time!) educating young women, or anyone for that matter, on what normal physiological birth actually looks and feels like. 

It’s not surprising there’s a very warped perception of labour and birth – that it’s painful, it’s hard, it’s messy and gross, it’s to be feared, you should be relieved to ‘get through it’ and have your baby etc. 

If you want to think differently about birth and have an experience you’re more in control of and empowered by then education and reframing what your brain already believes is crucial. 

Learning how the body works in labour, will help you to see that it’s doing exactly what it needs to…. It’s not something that is happening to you, it is you!

Learning what baby does during labour and birth will help you understand that they are part of the process too. They are fully involved! 

Learning about oxytocin (the love hormone and key to labouring, birth, bonding and breastfeeding) and the environment in thrives in will help you think about the environment you want to birth in. 

Reframing the experience of contractions. Encouraging your brain to think about contractions as being ‘intense’ rather than painful is powerful! As well as thinking about it on a scale from comfortable or uncomfortable. 

Labour is not like experiencing a wound from a bad accident, it is your body getting ready to transport your baby to the outside world and in to your arms. 

Modern, evidence based, birth person (and family) centred antenatal education, like my Birth Your Way : Birth Education and Preparation Workshop, can definitely be the place to begin untangling what your brain already believes and replacing that with the experience altering, helpful stuff!!

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