This morning I attempted to run for the first time since last October.

The last time I ran I sustained an agonising injury in my hip, it stopped me in my tracks and I limped home in pain, sobbing my heart out.

It was eventually diagnosed in April as hip tendinitis, caused by my glute muscles not taking their fair share of the load properly over many, many years.

Since then I have been resting and doing specific glute strengthening exercises. For a couple of months now there has been very little sign of the discomfort I’d experienced when the injury initially happened.

I enjoy running. I’m not particularly fast, but my endurance is pretty good and so I love going for longish runs and entering 10k to half marathon races (I’m still to tick of my marathon distance race, but it’s on the list).

Running was one of the activities I got in to when I was first started by fitness and weight loss journey over 10 years ago.

My first ever running goal was to complete the Great South Run in Portsmouth, UK. I’d given myself 5 months to train and I did it. I was so proud of myself. I went from barely being able to run for the bus to running 10 miles.

And from then on running has been a part of my life. I’ve not always been consistent with it but when I’ve wanted to, I’ve just grabbed my trainers, and gone for a run. There’s great freedom in being able to do that.

So I decided I would try to run some of the dog walk this morning. As much as I’ve been frustrated about not running, I’ve also been putting it off for some while now, fearful that I may injure myself again and this time make it even worse.

I knew I had to take it easy to just test it. Also that possibly I wouldn’t actually run for very long and I would be having to walk/run in intervals. And this is exactly what I did.

It started off well and then I was feeling some niggling in my hip and it was gradually intensifying. I was getting angry with it, knowing that I would have to stop completely and just walk.

I couldn’t believe how quickly it was there, despite all the resting and the specific exercises I’d been doing. My immediate thoughts were “you’re never going to be able to run again”, “this is going to be too hard”.  It was infuriating – I just want to run!

As I walked home I managed to switch in to the rational side of my brain and work this through properly. As a qualified personal trainer I know injuries can take a good deal of time to heal and repair, more time than we ever want to allow.

I’m also having to put more focus on what the cause of all the problems is. I have to retrain and put more emphasis on my glutes. They’re not used to this and it’s almost like starting from the beginning, with almost everything I use them for – sitting, standing, walking and running. They need to go from basically doing nothing to being principle support.

And as one of my PT friends has just reminded me to, “it’s not going to happen over night.”

I know, I know… but even so, I just want to run.

And you know what, this reminded me of what I often come across in coaching. Clients come to me feeling overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted, frustrated etc and they just want to stop feeling that way. That’s all, just to stop feeling how they do, which is completely understandable, just like how I just want to be able to go for a run.

But without having an appreciation of what the underlying cause is – where these feelings stem from – we won’t stop them resurfacing again.

Peeling back the layers of what’s going on and working on what’s there, is where real movement and change will happen. This can take time too, again it’s not going to happen over night. Otherwise the niggles will still be there.

So in the same way I have to start from the beginning with my running and focus on my inactive glutes, I work with clients to find the cause of why they are feeling the way they do and start there, before I get them running too, and I mean no physically running (unless they really want to) but in terms of action and some accountability.

If you would like to find out more about coaching book in for a free call to find out how it could help you.

Leave me a comment below with what’s come up for you from this post, I love to hear from you.

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