Knowledge is power as they say but can you have too much??

So it’s been said to me a few times recently as I prepare for birth and becoming a mamma, that knowledge will help me prepare, give me more choices and more power over my circumstances.

And I 100% agree with this, I’ve said it myself to others a zillion times…..

I am all for learning, understanding and then implementing what you’ve discovered. We don’t advance without it, that’s for sure!

But there can be a surprising hidden trap lurking when setting out seek knowledge about something new….. especially if it’s allowed to be led by some pesky insecurities.

I know because I fell into this very trap myself over these last few weeks!

It became really obvious to me yesterday that I’ve been sucked down this rabbit hole…..

It started off quite innocent with the birthing classes and a book or two. But it quickly escalated over a short period of time.

I got it in my head ‘knowledge is so important for my preparation!’…. and I didn’t want to miss a thing…

It spiralled because I saw how there are so many different experiences of birth and motherhood by different women and so much information out there, that kickstarted some kind of insecurity about doing everything right.

I joined Facebook groups, I signed up to mailing lists, I subscribed to podcasts, I bought more books and was even being drawn to various online courses.

I ended up completely overwhelmed and at the lowest point a blubbering mess (hormones really aren’t helping). It had got too much and I realised I’d also wasted a lot of time being far to open to it all!

It reminded me of when I started with my first business too. I did exactly the same thing! I tried to learn EVERYTHING about running a business (even stuff for businesses that were much further ahead than mine). And again I was overwhelmed. (Yep, I hold my hands up I turn to researching and hoarding information leech when my self-doubt has been poked somehow!)

There’s so much information and advice out there about how to establish and run a business. There’s info on business models, financing, sales, marketing (including all the different social media channels), customer service, growth, time management and so on.

But you can’t retain it all! And you can’t know everything to cover all eventualities from the off.

So this is when I realised I had to get specific and start first with the basics. And these are the questions that helped me (and are helping me now with my preparations for little one arriving)…..

> What do I want/need to achieve?

> What is the most important thing/s I need to know right now?

With this is also important to remember that any other knowledge you may need in the future you can gain when you actually need it! And you don’t need it ‘just in case’ – it takes up too much capacity and will be forgotten anyway if not used! So don’t waste the time!

It’s so easy to be tempted by the courses, the books, the podcast, the webinars etc, etc. But as I’ve said, through my own experience, there is only so much you can take on board and only so much that is going to be important to you right now.

Also, I’ve just reminded myself, and I talk about it a lot when it comes to your business, that trusting your own instinct and intuition is really important too (with the backing of knowledge that supports this!)

In my haste to seek ALL THE INFORMATION, I’d forgotten that my intuition will help with this parenting thing too.

I’m off to mute all the baby-related info flooding into my inboxes, and actually, I’m going to do some business related stuff too!

So if you’ve studied 1000 things on the same topic and it’s not getting you any further maybe it’s time to step back and say “Enough is enough, I just need to take that the action and trust I know what I need now.”

XO  💕

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