Look after YOU first then your business!


Whether you’re a business of one or the CEO with a team, YOU ARE the driving force behind how your business operates day to day.

So your business is only going to function at optimum levels if you are!!

When you aren’t focusing on you first it’s going to have an impact on the decisions you make, the optimism and open-mindedness you exhibit, your passion and motivation and so on.

This is a particular trap many fall into, both those just starting out and those in the throes of a well-established business. They lose track of caring for themselves first before their business and the default position is to push through anyway as you NEED to keep going….

I know this because it was the trap I fell into when setting up my first business and I see it so often with many I talk to.

Ambition, drive and the desire to succeed are magical in so many ways but often when left unchecked they can run the show and leave little time for anything else.

So, what do I mean by focus on you first?

I mean looking after yourself when it comes to rest, exercise, nutrition, your surroundings and your support system. And always be thinking about these things first before anything else.

Doing this may mean breaking some long-ingrained habits or thought patterns. But making these conscious changes can create so much more space for you when it comes to work and even family and other areas of your life.

It’s hard to function and perform when you’re burning the candle at both ends – going to bed late and getting up early and not taking time out during the day. Your body and mind need to switch off and download (which can even happen in an awake state with quiet time!).

Your body needs to move regularly and with purpose, it’s what it’s been designed to do! There is such a deep connection between your physical and the mental state. Your mind needs the benefits that moving your body with intention gives.

The food you have is important and your body and mind will thrive when you feed them a healthy balance of fruit, vegetables, protein, starches (potatoes, pasta, rice, lentils etc), oils and so on. Unfortunately, this is one area that is more neglected than most.

It’s crucial to think about where you’re spending time and what surroundings you’re going to be in. It’s so, so easy to sit in your office or be indoors all day. But we need to get outside and feel the fresh air, get exposure to natural light and to nature.

What support do you have around you that allows you to focus on what you need to do and when you need to do it? Who have you got that you can depend on? That you can download to? Etc. Where are the gaps and holes? I’m sure you’re readily available to other people through what you do professionally or your family/friend role, but do you have this in return and available to you too? Who or what else would you like?

What I’m ultimately saying is when you’re giving so much to something such as your business or even family, friends and life in general, think about how you consistently replenish YOU first so you’re not operating on steam but with all the strength and vitality you need.

Where could you be giving yourself a little more self-care?

When do you need to put you first to be able to give more elsewhere?

You might be interested in my exercise and nutrition tips for time-strapped entrepreneurs for simple ideas to prioritise these in your schedule.

XO  💕

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