Luck you call it…. but is it really??

“Oh, it was just luck”


“I just got lucky!”

These are perspectives or beliefs that keep true effort and achievement small…..

I strongly believe luck is, in fact, the result of having a positive attitude towards the thing you want…..saying yes, more than no, to opportunities……and putting in the effort to make it show up………

And yet many only recognise it as just ‘getting lucky!’

Yep holding my hands up, I did this too……

I saw myself as a fairly ‘average’ individual, achieving ‘average’ grades and doing ‘average’ things.

This word…. ‘average’ had become one of my stories; defining how I was viewing my life, my abilities and my potential.

And when something particularly awesome happened I would put it down to there being some luck involved or some other magical external force.

In becoming more conscious of my own limiting beliefs (which were creating the way I saw myself and the world) I saw how I was using ‘luck’ to write off those things that didn’t support by ‘average’ life view.

I didn’t recognise my own role in manifesting the awesome stuff.

And by not recognising it I was giving away my power to achieve and also of my potential.

One of my examples is how I used to think I just got lucky when I met my boyfriend James – who I do feel incredibly blessed to be with ❤.

But when I broke it down, it wasn’t luck at all……

It was a combination of effort and attitude ~

  • I wanted to be in a relationship so I put myself out there – I signed up for online dating.
  • I made a point of having a good dating profile that reflected who I was and what I’d been up to.
  • I was chatting with people and being curious about them.
  • I was consciously being open-minded and I was going on dates.
My attitude was you never know!

This was certainly true when I can to talking to James – he had very little on his profile and he even stated he wasn’t looking for anything serious. But I remained curious. He said he was attracted to my profile – in his words he said it was warm, fun and inviting.

When it came to the first date we hit it off and all I was doing was being me. We agreed and arranged a second date and then a third and then the rest is history.

But none of it was down to luck – it was effort, action and attitude!

The thing about recognising and appreciating effort and achievement is that this breeds greater confidence……. Because when you see how what you’ve achieved comes directly from you, your efforts and attitude, not a magical force like luck, you will feel more confident and secure in knowing that you CAN do it again or better…..

I wonder…..

How is your perspective keeping your achievements little?

If you looked at the things that you put down to luck or fluke and mapped out the part you played… was it really luck or was it the result of your positive attitude and effort?

Here’s to making our own luck through attitude and action!



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