When I started working for myself I felt I had to be working every hour available to establish a “successful” business.

(I put successful in quote marks because what I thought it meant then is very different to what I’ve discovered it really means to me know).

I would literally drag my dog, Pepper, round the park doing the minimum needed, in the quickest time, so I could get back to working as soon as possible, constantly thinking “Walking the dog doesn’t get me anywhere in my business”.

Or “Everyone else is at work now so I should be too. And I should be doing so much more than them because I have my own business to run.”

But then I would have massive waves of guilt for feeling like I was neglecting her and this guilt stayed with me all through the day.

I would feel totally at odds with myself.

I would get stressed out about it.

And stress was totally counterproductive for having a productive day.

I got a dog because, well, I just love them and I enjoy the time spent with them getting out and about, seeing their joy and excitement and waggly tail and experiencing their unconditional love for you.

I didn’t get one to drag it around a park at lightning speed and then leave it to sit around and sleep all day while I ignored it to work.

I’d had enough of guilt.

I needed to reconnect with myself to address it.

I’ve come to appreciate that a big part of me is the time I spend caring and looking after Pepper. I love getting out with her, taking her down to the beach, she loves it and I love watching her and being a part of making her a happy dog.

I now do this every day and yes it takes up so much more time, and yes I am at the beach when others are working away, but I need to do this not only for Pepper but for myself!

A part of building a business and life that I love is allowing freedom for doing what brings me joy, even the things that don’t have any purpose other than pure joy.

But also I’ve discovered that in return when I’m making time for pure joy I’m also in a better mindset for work and creativity.

Win, Win.

What’s the small joy of yours that you could do with right now?

XO  💕


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