Why setting your ONE Big Juicy Goal for 2019 will help you have your best year yet!

You know how important goal setting is, right?

You know that if you want to achieve something particular you must prioritise it as a goal and take planned and specific steps towards it, right?

It’s something you’ve heard and been encouraged to do most of your life, right?

You know having a goal and planning how you’re going to achieve it gives you clarity and this very clarity then accelerates your progress towards your goal, right?

And no doubt you’ve heard that if you write down a goal and make it specific you’re increasingly likely to achieve it! In fact, by over 40%, the research suggests!

So why do you feel resistance to setting a goal and committing to it?

I’m going to hazard a guess, based on the many conversations I’ve had with clients, that it’s because there is a secret fear that you might fail to achieve it! And by not achieving it you’ll have to deal with your disappointment.

But is the alternative any better?

If you don’t set a goal that you can’t then fail, what are you left with?

I would suggest that you get to the end of the year still feeling disappointed that you haven’t made the progress that you were secretly hoping you would! Hmmm, so either way you’ll be dealing with some disappointment.

So then, why not take the risk and set that goal anyway?

It could even be a fun and exciting process! Your goal could be the catalyst to really unleashing your full potential, to your expansion and growth as a person, to stepping out of your comfort zone and doing the things you’ve been secretly wanting to try!

I spent Monday of this week deciding on my Big Juicy 2019 goal!

I’m working towards ONE goal, one BIG goal. This is how I’m going to keep it simple!

But it’s ONE goal that I believe is going to have the BIGGEST impact on my business.

For me, it’s a financial goal.

I knew I had to bring finances into focus in 2019. Being more financially strategic is an edge for me that I have to push past, especially if I’m going to grow my business to the size and scale that I’m visualising.

In all honesty, I would quite happily skip over finances and focus on something else. But I knew deep down that I had to bring it to the forefront.

And I suspect when you take time out to focus on your one goal, you will have a knowing from within too!

But to help, ask yourself this “What’s the one goal that’s going to have the biggest impact on my business if I achieve it and such by focusing on this everything else becomes easier or unnecessary?”.

To understand more about what is going to help me get to my Big Juicy 2019 Goal, I reflected on what’s happened this year. I looked at both the amazing things and the not so amazing things. I looked at what seemed to really work in growing my business this year and what didn’t.

The ‘what hadn’t worked’ things and the ’I didn’t enjoy doing that’ things immediately went in the ‘I’m not going to waste any more energy on those in 2019’ pile. The things that had elevated my growth and the things I enjoyed doing went in the ‘I’m definitely doing more of that in 2019’ pile. And as I was doing this I could feel my energy rising, always a good sign!

So the ‘I’m definitely doing more of that in 2019’ gave me the outline of the strategy I’m going to use to move me towards my Big Juicy Goal. I also added to this pile two new things I want to try out. It’s always great to keep experimenting!

I then scheduled my calendar for the first 6 months. First I put in holidays (clearly most important!) then individual coaching hours, my programme and launches. I continued on to identify all the mini-tasks associated with wider strategy and scheduled when they needed to be completed.

It gives me a rhythm to work with. It reduces the guesswork and allows me to get even more specific and to simplify my focus and effort.

Although my Big Juicy Goal still makes me feel uncomfortable when I think about it, this dissipates because I’m super excited about what I’m going to be doing to get there!

I then took what felt like a scary step and told the people closest to me about my goal! It felt like a risk but I also wanted the accountability and the support!

So a quick recap of what I did:

  • Looked logically at my fear of setting a goal and not achieving it! What’s the alternative?
  • Took a day out to work on my Big Juicy Goal
  • Set a Big Juicy Goal that’s going to have the BIGGEST impact on my business when I achieve it! I did this by asking myself – “What’s the one goal that’s going to have the biggest impact on my business if I achieve it and such by focusing on this everything else become easier or unnecessary?”.
  • Wrote it down anyway even though I knew it was an edge for me!
  • Reflected on this year – What worked well for growing the business? What didn’t work?
  • Make an ‘I’m not going to waste any more energy on those in 2019’ pile and an ‘I’m definitely doing more of that in 2019’ pile or a “Hell Yes!” and “Hell No!’ pile
  • Decide on two new things to try out in 2019
  • Schedule everything in your calendar for the first 6 months.
  • Get into action by identifying the first project and the first steps of that project. And focus on one thing at a time!
  • Tell someone else what your goal is!

By working towards a Big Juicy Goal your year will be your best year yet! It almost can’t be! (barring any life-altering events that change everything!).

Go do it! Set your Big Juicy 2019 Goal, I dare you!

Because I want you to have the most awesome 2019 ever. And I want to see you soar with your dreams and experience super amazing things…..

I’m giving you a free clarity coaching session to help you crystalise your BIG JUICY 2019 GOAL……

THE GOAL that is going to create an extraordinary year for you and your business (or project or personal life)!

That’s right, we only focus on one!

In this 2-hour call we’ll take all the different goals and possibilities currently buzzing around your head and drill down to THE ONE goal that’s going to have the greatest impact! From there we’ll look at the steps for how you’re going to achieve it.

You’ll come away clear on THE ONE THING that’s going to really supercharge your business in 2019 and know what aligned actions you’re going to take to get there!

I’m all about making things super simple and crystal clear so talking it through with someone who is willing to brainstorm, question and support you, makes goal planning so, so much easier!

So, what are you waiting for? Christmas?? Well, today Christmas has come early! Grab your present now, book in for your call here – https://alissiaknightcoaching.as.me/?appointmentType=3916048
(Times will be GMT).

You are extraordinary and you will achieve your dreams!

I believe in you and I believe in your business!

A successful 2019 is only a goal and a plan away 🎉

XO  💕


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I love this work!

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