Making one choice does not mean that you have set yourself up to be with that decision forever. You can make another choice and change direction again. Then you can make another choice and explore another option.

It’s often that we get pulled into looking at things as either black or white. Either one way or another and it being rigid and that’s it. If we choose one thing then the other thing is closed to us and there is no return.

But moving forward and making change is often about making many choices over and over again – this is our journey through life. That journey very rarely is a smooth line with a final destination.

My boyfriend, James, and I are selling our current home, initially with the intention to move back closer to family and friends.

But as we looked for this new home it was becoming more obvious just how much we love it where we are on the Isle of Wight.

So after a bit of deliberation we’re now buying a bigger home just minutes down the road from us now. We have made a choice that for the time being affords us the lifestyle we want.

Now, what we’ve also said is that if at some stage it no longer suits and we want/need something different then we will make another choice. The choice to stay and buy this property is not a forever decision, unless we actually want it to be.

Being in choice is about owning your power to lay your own path for your life, and maybe that path is the yellow brick road with a few dead ends and a few twists and turns. But one decision is never going to mean it’s forever. If it doesn’t quite work out or you want to do something else, it’s always possible look for another option.

What choices have you made recently that you are celebrating?

What’s the next choice you know you need to make?

Leave me a comment below with what’s come up for you from this post, I love to hear from you.

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I’m choosing this view for now…..

Cowes beach, Isle of Wight. My choice for now.




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