When life around you feels draining, complicated and impossible, I urge you to ramp up your self-care.

And start with one of the fundamental things – your physical health. This means focusing on your nutrition and physical activity.

I can pretty much guarantee when the pressure is on, it’s your own health and wellbeing is one of the first to take a back seat.

However, the more you can focus on yourself, the more you will have the energy, capacity and confidence to focus on others and the things they need from you.

These five ingredients for optimal health are very fundamental but are a great place to start for self care, I promise.


Self care 5 ingredients for optimal health


I am passionate about helping clients to establish self-care rituals for those times when life can feel overwhelming. If you know this is what you need then book in for a free Skype call to find out how coaching could help you.


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