When life works list
Do you have a When Life Works List?

When you’re busy focusing on your mission to build the business and lifestyle of your dreams it’s quite easy to get very tunnel visioned and engulfed in it. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, you have this feeling that you’re … Read More

Personal coaching
Personal Coaching

CLARITY + ACTION + ACCOUNTABILITY = THE LIFE YOU LOVE WITH LESS STRESS You will experience increased fulfulment and confidence! You want to take action. You want to make a difference in your life and others around you. You want to live … Read More

Do it your way
Do it your way, not theirs!

The temptation when starting your own business is to copy how someone already successful in your market area or industry is doing it….  Often the thinking is that you can reduce the work for yourself because you’ll move 20 or … Read More

To-do list
Declutter your to-do list and get more done!

Most of us love a to-do list. We like the idea that if it’s written down we can’t forget it. And the to-do list is pretty unavoidable when running a business. Especially when you’re by yourself. There are so many … Read More

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