Diana Koleva

Alissia’s approach is cool, calm and collected. She broke down the mountain of things in my mind to a clear action plan, taking away the lot, and leaving one thing at a time. I did get on with things and … Read More

Make your VISION bigger! Here’s why…..

I bet you have at some point in your life played down your vision and dreams for yourself, your life and the world because the little voice in our head has said….. “Don’t be silly it’s not possible.” Or “You’re … Read More

Entrepreneur Business Coaching

CLARITY + ACTION + ACCOUNTABILITY = THE BUSINESS YOU LOVE WITH LESS HUSTLE You will experience increased focus, productivity and confidence!

2019 Goal Setting

LIVE WEBINAR: Tuesday, 8th January @ 10.30am GMT GOAL SETTING FOR 2019: Plan, Commit, Succeed ~SUMMARY~ Over the course of 60 minutes I will take step by step through my process for setting to clear, specific and realistic long-term goals and … Read More

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