😤 Does the ‘should’ voice plague you too? 😡

Where does the ‘should’ voice plague you? Does your ‘should’ voice stop you in your tracks? Does your ‘should’ voice manage the view of your progress? “You should be better”, “You should improve”, “You should be the best!” Does your … Read More

Still using goggles that hurt……

In October when I decided I was going to train for a swimming challenge – to swim across the Solent in July ’18 – I bought a pair of goggles from the Spar shop at the swimming pool on the … Read More


Resolution ~ Defined as “A firm decision to do or not do something” Intention ~ Defined as “A thing intended; an aim or plan.” Looking at these definitions, one sounds restrictive and limiting and one sounds positive and full of … Read More

How swimming and comparison don’t mix…..

I went for a swim today Swimming has become a regular feature in my week since I signed up for a swimming challenge next July. I’m going to swim the Solent (that’s the 2.5 mile stretch of water between the … Read More

Want a quick win mood improver???

And it’s so simple…. use what you have…. your body! Move your body….. Dance, walk, run, cycle, swim, yoga, pilates, lift weights or whatever takes your fancy….. Just do something to move with purpose. By moving your body you release … Read More

I lost my shit! It was quite public too

So I had a little moment, or maybe a little major breakdown, at the dump yesterday. I lost my shit…… Last week we moved into our new house. For the week beforehand we’d spent many hours packing up and cleaning … Read More


Alissia has a warm, giving and approachable nature that serves her well in making her clients feel comfortable and understood. I have found her coaching style very supportive and adaptable to my needs, and have recommended her to a number … Read More

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