Self-compassion is an essential skill for an entrepreneur


Why self-compassion is an essential skill for an entrepreneur?

Because as business owners or leaders…. whether you’re starting a company, launching a new project, switching careers, or running a non-profit organization. You will face tests and there will be times of doubt and uncertainty…

Self-compassion entails being warm, forgiving and understanding toward ourselves rather than beating ourselves with self-criticism and judgement, when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate, which ultimately tends to knock our confidence.

We especially need self-compassion when we are stepping into something new, where we are learning and experiencing for the first time ~ there are many of these moments as we’re running our businesses or launching a project.

Self-compassion is both an attitude and a skill we can learn. It is a useful tool for building resilience.

Here are some ways to do this….
🌟 Re-frame the way you respond to failure. Everyone makes mistakes and failing is part of our evolutionary learning process and that’s OK! Rethink what “failing” means!

🌟 Separate emotion from fact. Establish where your emotions are taking over and warping the facts of the situation.

🌟 Remember that you are not alone! It’s a big planet and someone somewhere will be going through the same thing!

🌟 Realise that sometimes you will be out of your element. But taking it one step at a time means you can learn and figure it out as you go

🌟Learn to accept compliments from others and praise yourself for your accomplishments.

So I want to ask you, where could you show yourself more self-compassion?

And what affirmation could you have ready for yourself that comes from a place of self-compassion?

Write it on a post-it note and stick it where you need to see it!!


XO  💕


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