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Focus on You and Your pregnancy

The Pregnancy Cuddle

The course allows you to focus on you and your pregnancy. Following the content of the The Beyond Birth Guide, you will look at what nourishes you and helps keep your cup full – emotionally, mentally and physically, what helps you build resilience for the bumps that you’ll face but also enjoy the feel good moments as you move through your pregnancy and into early parenting.

Babies definitely sense what is going on even inside. There is a connection to the mother’s rhythms and mood state through her heartbeat and hormones. Regularly giving yourself time to do what nourishes you is also positive for your baby too!

We look at some really simple ideas that you can tap into just to give you a quick boost when needed.

Over 6 weeks you will

• have a safe space to share your experiences, worries and hopes

• be guided through relaxation and mindfulness actives and will have opportunities to journal and reflect

• enjoy some self massage

• have an opportunity to learn new and additional skills to help look after your mental and emotional wellbeing



looking at self-care, self-compassion, sleep, and rest


learning to be with emotions and finding your ways to self-soothe and calm


strengthening the relationship with yourself, your partner, your baby, and with others there to support you


understanding what you need to feel yourself while being mum, partner etc

Healing & Recovery

practicing acceptance, forgiveness, and self-compassion


looking at your transition to a parent and shift in identity

I love providing the space for parents

…to explore these themes and gain the confidence in defining and setting boundaries around their self-care and find acceptance in the transition to parenthood.

Each session is a soothing hour, with your baby bump, to focus on your mental and emotional wellbeing as you start to transition to parenthood.

I run this in person on the Isle of Wight and online, either in a group session or 1:1.

Pop your details here to be notified of when I’ll be running the next group block of The Pregnancy Cuddle or contact me if you want to do this 1:1.

Stay grounded and clear minded

Becoming Parent Workshop

If you’re expecting your newest edition to your family, or thinking seriously about starting a family, which is super exciting, you may already be thinking about birth plans, maternity leave, the nursery and names, so now is also a great time to start thinking ahead to who you want to be as a parent too. It’s never too early or too late!

Proactively thinking about what your parenting will look like, while you have the time and space, can help you stay grounded and clear minded when you’re in the thick of this beautiful, joyful, totally rewarding but also challenging new stage of your life.

In this workshop you will start to make conscious choices about:

  • The kind of parent you want to be.
  • What’s important to you now that you value, and needs to remain a priority for you even in this new role.
  • What is important about your own upbringing that you want to consider – either because you want to use it or leave it behind.
  • The support you want from your co-parent and what is your expectation of them (and them of you!).
  • What support you want from close family.
  • What will be your few go-to trusted sources of support (keeping it minimal here is the key).

You will also receive:

  • A journalling worksheet that you’ll complete after the workshop
  • A 30 minute ‘Checking back in’ call – to review how you’re doing following the workshop, how the journaling exercise went, what insights you’ve had and whether there are any additional resources we can point you to.
  • Email or WhatsApp support between the workshop and the ‘checking back in’ call. You may leave the workshop and think, “I wish I’d asked Alissia that!” No worries, email or message me. I’m here to support you so ask away!
This workshop will help you to tap into your answers to these questions and more by guiding you towards your intuition and using your own instincts. This where I believe your true power as a parent and as a human being lies.

Investment: £150

Space to pause and reconnect

The Parent Space

Whether you’re a parent to be, a new parent or a parent to an older babe or toddler The Parent Space is for you!

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding, sacred, joyful experiences in life, yet it is forever bringing up challenges and questions that you need to find answers for.

You need to find a way of navigating the latest change, the latest behaviour or taking the newest step as a family. The endless late night scrolling of Goggle or social media, scouring the books, downloading the apps, or jumping into Facebook groups for answers leaves you feeling overwhelmed and often more confused.

You wish you could quieten all the ‘shoulds’ in your mind, switch off from the (often unsolicited) opinions and advice and instead feel more relaxed, calm and present with yourself and your family, trusting your own instincts when it comes to your parenting and your choices.

Investment starts from: £520

In this confidential, curious, non judgemental space, you’ll find your way to:

  • Tune out from the outside noise and instead listen to your own gut feeling and intuition.
  • Become grounded and unapologetic in your parenting approach, advocate for what you believe in and do things your way.
  • Build self-compassion and forgiveness
  • Become much more aware of your wellbeing needs.
  • Become more present within your family, knowing you don’t need to look for answers externally.
  • Parenting from this place provides a deep sense of self-trust and acceptance.

I don’t offer parenting advice. I do guide you to feel more connected with your true self as an individual and a parent, find deep confidence in your choices and the means of fostering the best relationship with your children and partner.

How does it work:

  • Your Parent Space package is bespoke to you. Following an in initial chat (no obligation and free to you), I will propose a package that fits your needs, goals and circumstances.
  • Calls can be weekly, fortnightly or three weekly via Zoom. Or if you are on the Isle of Wight we can meet in person.
  • There is a minimum of 6 hours to start, allowing you to get to the heart of the matter, create positive change and move forward confidently. It may be that from our initial chat this is enough or we may explore a longer duration.
  • Email or WhatsApp support is available in between session as and when needed.

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