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Birth Your way

Birth Education and Preparation Workshop

In this session we’ll look at what physiological birth looks like, along with deviations from this, and explore your birth options in an evidence-based, agenda-free way.

I will show you how to create a birth plan and to advocate for yourself so you can confidently take control of your birth process.

We can look at specific preparations for your home if you are considering birthing there, including set up for a birth pool.

Investment: £135

(including travel expenses)

When baby is here

Forth Trimester Planning

It’s hugely important to think about how you are going to create the container for your newborn bubble following the arrival of your baby.

In this session together we’ll explore what you want and need during this time. We’ll plan out any additional support you’ll require (with numbers on speed dial!), how you want to communicate your desire for this period to your loved ones and professionals and explore expectations vs reality and more.

Investment: £135

(including travel expenses)

The birth bubble

Birth Preparation, On Call Birth and Postpartum Practical Support

I believe in the power of continuity of care and research has proven its benefit for calmer, less interrupted labour and birth.

I think it’s important to provide this and is why not only will I be on call for your birth, this package includes antenatal (focused on birth education, preparation and wellbeing) and postnatal visits.

I want to get to know your wants and needs and advocate for and support you and your birth partner throughout your pregnancy and birth and after.

What can be included in a package:

• 4 – 10 antenatal visits covering birth preparation, education, postnatal planning and emotional /physical wellbeing

• Unlimited email and text support throughout your pregnancy

• Signposting to evidence based research, resources and services

• Access to my birth book library

• On-call and available to you 24/7 from 38 weeks until your baby arrives

• My presence throughout labour and up to 3 hours afterwards

• Birth debrief

• 2 – 4  postnatal visits

• Unlimited email and text support for up to 4 weeks post birth

• Hire of professional birth pool

Investment: £1200 – £1800

Depending on make up of package.
We can discuss this in our initial chat.

For extra security and ease

Shared care / Backup Care

There may be times when either you the client or I feel there is a need for having some backup support. 

Shared care is the partnership of two doulas who together will attend antenatal visits, will communicate with you and be on-call for the birth. Either one or both doulas can attend the birth, depending on availability and your preferences.

Back-up care simply means that I as your doula will take the lead all the way through your care, however, we will have a back-up doula (who you will meet and connect with during the antenatal visits) who only attends the birth in the event that for any unforeseen circumstances I can’t make it.

If I feel shared care or back-up care might be beneficial to our working together, I will discuss this during our initial consultation. I will always check in regularly and make sure you feel entirely confident and comfortable in the process! Sometimes this can carry a greater fee depending on circumstances.

Now baby is in your arms

Postnatal Support

Whether or not I have supported you in the lead up to or at your birth, I can provide doula support in your home in the early postpartum days and weeks after your baby has arrived.

So you have the most positive start to your parenting journey, I’ll be there to provide the support you need, to ensure you feel held and nurtured, and can focus on your recovery and wellbeing and bonding with your baby.

My support to you can take many forms, but some of the most frequent include:

• Helping to get infant feeding off to a good start

• Looking after baby whilst you nap/shower/eat/have some time to you!

• Cooking meals

• Undertaking light cleaning round the house

• Signposting to information and services for support

Investment: £35/hour

We can decide how many hours you might need in our initial call to understand what you need.

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