Should you turn your passion into a business?

Yes but then again maybe no!

Helpful…. NOT! Yeah, I know, lol!

But I say this because there are many factors to consider…..

Factors that I uncovered from my own experience and that have come up for my clients too.

I’m keen to share all this with you so that you can give this some consideration and choose for yourself which way to go.

Maybe you are already on this path? If you are, stay with me as I’m hoping I can offer you a juicy golden nugget you can take away to help you on your journey too.

But back to me first…..

I love exercise, it’s given me so much richness in my life. It’s changed the way I see myself, it’s changed my body and it’s opened up communities to be a part of.

And, during and after exercise I do my best thinking…’s idea central!

When I decided to become a personal trainer, I thought this was the ultimate thing – to be able to combine my passion and work. I wanted to exercise, help others to experience the benefits I did, be my own boss and make money.

I eagerly jumped in full time…. I kicked off with designing my website, setting up and posting on my social media channels and creating programmes and offers. I started to get some traction – winning!

However, despite starting with gusto, if I’m completely honest, I went into it quite naive (I can say that now because I’m seeing it through hindsight!)…..

And it started to show early on…..

The pressure (which I put on myself – one of the mindset things!) to sit and work solidly to build the business – to attract the clients, to do the content, to be everywhere and to serve the best I could sucked me dry. I suffered as a result, my passion suffered as a result! It affected my own desire to exercise!

I felt quite lost and it was only in talking it through with my first ever coach that I realised:

I had no strategy.

I had no plan.

No clear boundaries.

I had gaps in my skillset.

And troubles with my mindset.

And when I talk to my clients that are struggling too, these are often some of their blind spots too.

But the BIGGEST moment of clarity came when I realised that my passion for exercise was actually NOT the passion to turn into a business venture.

It was too important and too fundamental to me and my self-care, it wasn’t for sharing with the world in that way. And I realised I didn’t actually want to after all! This passion was for keeping for myself.

WOWZERS! Time to regroup and move on…..

And with that, my path took a detour and now I’m here helping you and others like you….. this is a passion I can give and share to the world freely and willingly and in a business capacity.

I still honestly believe making a living from something you love is probably one of the best experiences and goals in life.

And embarking on an entrepreneurial journey will always be a huge learning curve!

By no means by telling you my experience I’m saying don’t do it! Probably the opposite…..

I just want to open you up to exploring deeper whether to pursue your passion as a job or leave it as your hobby!

So here we go! Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Is your passion for sharing with the rest of the world OR to be kept for you and you alone?

    Other helpful questions here are – What’s the benefits to you of sharing it? Whats the costs to you of sharing it?

  • How could turning your passion into your business affect your current lifestyle?

    Follow on question – Which ones do you want and which ones do you not?

  • What is your WHY for turning your passion into your business?

    Feel into how gripped you are by the answer/s to this question!

    An awesome book on this is ‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek. –

  • How does your passion suit your nature, your personality, your strengths, your other interests if you were doing it full time?

These are useful questions for giving you a sense of what your passion means to you.

You could use this to explore all your passions and work out whether there is something else that might be more suitable for business! Especially if you are multi-passionate like me!

Here are some other practical things you should also consider, not only for starting a business following your passion but for any business:

  1. How is it going to be funded?
  2. How will you offer your product/service?
  3. What will be the time/effort to money/return ration? Is this sustainable? (also considering the lifestyle question above)
  4. Are you doing this full or part-time? Business development, which is a huge aspect of running a business takes significant focus and effort.
  5. What gaps in your skillset, particularly related to business, do you have? And how will you tackle those?

I see it everywhere – the messages to do what you love as a living, follow your passion into business etc etc – even I’m one of those putting it out there. But I also want to be real about it too. Not all passions lend themselves to easy business or you may not be ready or willing to use your passion in this way.

Keep exploring and being curious, if one avenue closes there will be another!

XO  💕


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