Being your own boss – my recommendations for how to smash it

The dream of being my own boss has been with me since I had my first job out of university, pretty much.

I remember the niggling inside of the idea that I would love to go it alone, do my own thing.

This idea steadily grew over time and a bigger dream materialised. It looked like a world where, as my own boss, I answered to no one, I could make my own decisions, my creations were my own, I had flexibility and freedom in the hours I worked and where I worked, I had independence!

I’d have butterflies in my tummy every time I thought about it.

When I finally took the leap from employee to non-employee with my own business, I soon realised that the big dreamy picture was not going to be all roses.

It was going to take a lot of hard work, self-awareness, patience and trial and error!

And I knew this when almost immediately I felt pretty lost in this new world of independence.

It was a bit of a shit storm if I’m brutally honest!

I was busy but didn’t seem to be achieving much. I’d overthink all decisions. I’d procrastinate because I was going round in circles. I felt guilty every time I thought I was wasting time. But I couldn’t switch off from thinking about everything I ’should’ be doing. I was stressed from the pressure of attracting clients to make money and keep my head above water. I’d feel icky for charging clients because I felt like an imposter, and when I actually did I gave discounts to lessen the blow. I was ‘working’ long hours and didn’t give myself much of a break.

It was overwhelming and tiring!

I’d even say soul-destroying! This was not what I was envisioning when I thought about being my own boss.

Something needed to change if I was going to continue, otherwise, I was going to fall into a heap on the ground weeping like a baby. And then give up!

What was I missing?

The answer……. so much!

I’d been trying to wing it, without any real thought to my goals, structure, productivity and where I might be lacking.

What I realised was that I had the skills and knowledge in my profession, but I was missing in-depth knowledge and understanding of many aspects of business and personal development ~ absolutely crucial to building a sustainable, enjoyable business.

What I’d neglected to do was work ‘on’ my business from the start. I’d jumped straight into working ‘in’ my business (not that in the early days I had a business to be working in 😂) and all I was doing was wading through mud!

By working in my business I was not being a boss, I was being an employee! I was in such a rush to get going that I got busy doing superficial tasks that had no real value.

After much digging and delving into the areas of business development, self-awareness and productivity I have come to find a number of things that are super useful to invest time and energy in to make life easier – they provide clarity, focus and confidence – crucial to being a more efficient boss! And crucial for the vision I have of being my own boss becoming increasingly real.

These are my top recommendations:

  1. Embrace the fact that having your own business and being an entrepreneur is actually pretty f’ing hard! Know that there will be ups and downs and struggles. There is no escaping it. But this is also where so much satisfaction will come from too!
    Gary Vaynerchuk said “Entrepreneurs are people who can’t stand living their life in any other way. People who can’t stand working for others. People who love the dirt of working hard and pushing through all odds. People who embrace the pain, instead of running away from it. People who thrive in uncertainty and are pushed forward by it. People who are willing to sacrifice everything in order to make their dream come true.”
  2. Set your long term, medium term and short term goals and get planning! (Highlighted because it’s so, so, so important for clarity, focus and productivity!)
  3. Establish your working boundaries – days and hours in the week, number of weeks you want to work across the year.
  4. Schedule and commit to downtime – when are you doing to have downtime in a day, a week, a month and year.
  5. Schedule dedicated periods of deep focus, learning and productivity – in these times switch off from shallow distractions (checking email, social media etc). Read Deep Work by Cal Newport –
  6. Set up a means of keeping yourself accountable to your long, medium and short-term goals and the plans you’ve created.
  7. Establish a team/network/community (whatever you’d like to call it) of professionals that you can call upon for expertise, support, inspiration, brainstorming, guidance, mentoring, coaching.
  8. Work on self-awareness to improve your resilience for those times when things feel tough (which they will because that’s the nature of being both human and creating something of your own).
  9. Continue to learn and develop in your trade/profession as well as learning all things related to business development.

These recommendations may take time to work on and will always require revisiting and tweaking, but that’s what is necessary in the life as an entrepreneur. It requires commitment – the ability to stay in the long game and focus on the hard stuff to see quality and progress.

I cover off most of these within the curriculum for Kickstart Your Business.

XO  💕


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