– 50 minute sessions
– £75 per session
– You will have a fixed session time – either weekly or bi-weekly for the first 4 months
Available slots – weekly or bi-weekly:
– Tuesdays,
– Wednesdays
– Thursdays
– Sessions are via Skype – My Skype ID is 07730413854 or by phone – 07730413854
– Please call on time
– If you call late, the session will be shorter
– With Skype you can choose whether it’s with or without the camera
– If paying per session, payment is always made 5 days prior to each session (invoices will be sent either per session or monthly)
– If paying for 8 sessions in full this is to be made 5 days prior to the first session (invoice will be sent with full amount)
– Transfer to my business account
Cancellation policy:
– 72 hours before session, otherwise full amount still due
– If you know you cannot attend a session more than 72 hours upfront I will offer an alternative session for that week if possible
– As mentioned during our call – I trust you will know when you are ready to complete
– If and when you decide to discontinue coaching 2 weeks notice is required
Everything in the sessions is absolutely confidential.
You can share and discuss any conversations we have with anybody, I will share with nobody.