Better decisions = better results – Elysha Lenkin

New York | Online Personal Stylist |


I signed up for coaching with Alissia because I was looking for accountability as I launched a new program for my business. When I signed up, I had a launch plan that I wanted to carry through, but from experience, I knew that my tendency towards self-doubt could disrupt the plan, and keep me from achieving my goals.

Having regular check-ins with Alissia not only kept me on track, but her thoughtful questions and helpful suggestions led me to make better decisions and ultimately see better results. Each time we met (virtually), Alissia created a space where I could easily share my thoughts and experiences.

She made me feel understood! I especially loved how she’d point out subtle shifts in my language and expressions which helped me see things with a fresh perspective while deepening my self-awareness.

From working with Alissia, I successfully launched my new program and gained tremendous insight about who I am as a business owner