I was heard and understood – Pamela

USA | Photographer
I had no idea how much I needed a coach until I talked to Alissia. Wow, what a gift to feel heard and understood.
As a freelance photographer, I work happily alone most of the time and I’ve grown used to the isolation.
It has been a surprise to realize how helpful coaching is for the soul. I feel like I can believe in myself and my dream more instead of feeling stuck in my head and invisible.
I didn’t know I needed to talk to someone who knows how to listen and ask the right questions for me to go deeper in myself in such a short period of time.
I realized that I’m my own worst critic and need to notice more my language around failing and starting and starting and failing.
After, I felt more whole and understood which has given me the courage to go in the directions of my dreams now instead of later. It’s truly inspiring to have a witness, someone on my team I can trust and confide in.
I would highly recommend Alissia for one to one coaching.