The Awakened Woman

I’ve been reading The Awakened Women by Dr Tererai Trent. I picked up this book after seeing an awesome interview Marie Forleo did with her recently. –

It’s been absolutely the right time for me to dive into this book and do some reflection.

I am so looking forward to welcoming our little one into the world. But I know that my world is going to change forever. And this journey has been throwing me into a bit of a spin.

I’ve been experiencing what I can only describe as wobbles since becoming pregnant (now 33 weeks)…..

It (the hormones, the changes, the unknown of what’s to come…..all that stuff) has had me questioning whether I’m doing the right work. Whether I’m prioritising the right things. Whether it’s all now still just as important as I move towards this new stage in my life. It’s been somewhat disorientating having these big questions running round in my head.

Of course, I know that this can be very natural when something is changing/is going to change…. And this is certainly a big change!

However, Tererai, through her beautiful words in The Awakened Woman, has reawakened me to my bigger dream, mission, ambition (whatever you want to call it).

And I know this isn’t going to change even as I enter this new stage because as I think about my little one, currently snug and warm inside, waiting to come out and explore this world outside I know I want to inspire her with by this dream too.

This is the core of it…..

> I want women to feel free to explore greater freedom, flexibility and their passions no matter their situation. I want them to see life as being pliable as opposed to predefined.

> I want more women to create a life they love through becoming entrepreneurial and uncaged from the confines that society puts women in. What’s key to this is for women to step into their own, unique and inspiring awesomeness and be unapologetic about who they are and what they want! It’s not selfish, it necessary!<

> I want to impact the lives of many, many women so they will go out into their communities and readdress gender inequalities, creating a more flexible, open-minded world for themselves and the next generation…..

> I want more women to discover freedom, creativity, adventure, beauty, inspiration and truth.

> I want more women to wake up to the fact that life is pliable and not predetermined by current societal expectation.

> I want more women to realise that it’s necessary to chase their dreams, and mould their lives to help them flourish and that it’s not selfish but necessary!

> I want there to be more female business leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs, who are encouraging heart centred business practices.

> I want each woman to recognise their awesomeness and in their unique, authentic and unapologetic way!

When you’ve got something as your anchor, no matter which way the tide turns, you can drop it to keep you steady. This is certainly what’s happened for me! The wobbles have subsided since.

Coming back to this has given me peace, given me space and given me an earning to continue to empower myself and others however I can.

Whatever the coming months and years look like, whether my work will look the same as it has done or whether it changes, I know that this is what is going to be ever present and influencing the decisions I make.

And actually even more so as a mamma!

“A women in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pertness and arrives at her destination, prepared to be herself and only herself.” ~ Maya Angelou. 

I’d love to hear from you….. tell me about what you know about your dream/ambition/calling and how you are bringing it to life.

XO  💕


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