What is a Parent Wellbeing Coach?

A parent wellbeing coach holds space for parents to focus on their mental and emotional health and wellbeing, to support them to find their strategies and tools that could help with their approach to parenting, deepen the connection with their innate knowledge and be there as a non-judgmental sounding board for all thats to be experienced on their journey.

Your choices, Your approach

You’re the expert on You and Your family

I am not an expert who is going to tell you how to parent. I am here to support you to prioritise yours and your family’s wellbeing.

Exploring what you need to nourish, nurture and connect with yourself and what your self-care looks like, reducing feelings of overwhelm, stress, irritation and any sense of inadequacy. We’ll also focus on self-compassion and forgiveness.

How I can support You

The Coach’s Role

During pregnancy I can work together with both you and your partner to look ahead at your transition into parenthood, exploring what you want it to look and feel like as a partnership, how you maintain your connection and respond to each other’s emotional and wellbeing needs.

During the early days of parenthood I can support you to deepen your listening to your own intuition and to your child and help you explore information and strategies that support the way you want to parent, that also suits your little ones needs as they are just important to consider in all this too – cutting through the noise of well meaning outsiders, social media etc and helping you to feel confident and empowered in your choices and approach!

Your no judgement zone

It can be hard to find a safe space to talk about your parenting experiences without receiving unsolicited advice or opinions

…and so I provide a space that is private, confidential with no judgement with permission to share whatever you need to.

If complex issues arise I’ll guide you to explore alternative therapeutic support. Depending on needs therapy and coaching can work really well together.

All my packages can be found on my Services page. If you are interested in exploring whether we’re a good fit as client and coach we can start with a no obligation chat to get to know each other.