The modern meaning of the word was first used in the 1960s, and refers to a non-medical perinatal professional who provides continuous practical, emotional and informational support and resources during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

Research shows

a birthing person who feels safe, surrounded by trusted birth companions, who believe in her is more likely to birth easily

 …requiring fewer interventions, is more likely to feel happy with their birth experience, to succeed at breastfeeding and have birth partners who feel more involved and informed.

How I can support You

The Doula’s Role

I am here to walk along side you through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum nurturing and supporting you while you love and care for your baby and yourselves.

In pregnancy

I can help you explore what you would like for your labour and birth. I will support you by providing you with evidence based information on which you can make your instinctive and heartfelt choices. I can hold space for you to focus on your wellbeing if you need some calm and grounding in the mix of preparing for your baby’s arrival.

During your labour and birth

I will be there as an extra pair of hands doing whatever you need me to do. You will be birthing your baby and I will have absolute trust and belief you can do it, I will be focused on what you need to do this, whether that be ensuring your birth environment is kept the way you desire it, you’re relaxed and comfortable, you are centred in the decisions you need to make, the birth pool is kept the right temperature or your other children are cared for. I will be directed by you.

Once your baby is in your arms

I can be there with a cuppa for you, debrief your birth experience, check on how you’re doing and that you have all the support you need, offer you hands to do anything you need that helps your recovery, precious bonding with baby and love and connection as a family.

Feel confident, empowered and supported

Let your powerful birth echo through your transition in to parenthood and beyond

All my packages can be found on my Services page. If you are interested in exploring whether we’re a good fit as client and doula we can start with a no obligation chat to get to know each other.