Setting out as an entrepreneur is a big juicy experiment, so get your petri dish out!

Starting out as an entrepreneur is likened to having a whole heap of questions that you are constantly problem solving and seeking answers to in the same way scientists do in an experiment!

“Curiosity is what drives both entrepreneurs and scientists,” observed Steve Blank, a serial entrepreneur, author, blogger and educator based in California’s Silicon Valley.

“In a start-up venture, all you have are untested hypotheses,” explained Blank. “You’re collecting data to gain insight and validate your hypothesis.”

When I started my coaching business I began by inviting everyone and anyone to coach with me no matter the topic or focus.

This opportunity to experiment meant I got so much clearer on who I’m powerfully placed to help and who I love working with!

I’d know from my reactions and feelings to coaching with an individual or on a particular topic whether I’d want to do that again or not.

The more information I got back as I played with my coaching the clearer I was getting on what I liked, what I loved and what I loathed.

I discovered that I LOVE coaching people with fire in their bellies about a cause…..

Who love self-development and have the sense that their potential is limitless…..

Who see risk but know there’s something bigger and better for them if they step up and just do it!

Who get a little stuck because of some existing blind spots – they know they are there and will do what it takes to address them.

Who do just really want to say ‘Hell yes” to life!

So what do you need in your Petri dish as part of the experiment of starting out as an entrepreneur?
  • Work environment
  • Products/services
  • Branding and key messages
  • Systems and processes
  • Customers / clients
  • Staff / outsourced support
  • Marketing and sales copy

To find out what is going to work, look at each of these areas with curiosity – start with a question (‘how?’, ‘what?’ and ‘who?’) or a hypothesis and then jump in through research or action to establish which answer feels most right for you and your enterprise!

Create that sense of curiosity! Have fun and play!

Even setting up systems can be fun if you look at it as part of a bigger experiment – grab your goggles, tie your hair back and test things out!

Not many have the guts to become an entrepreneur. But they don’t see it in the same way as you do!

You see the possibility!

You see the potential!

You see your purpose!

You feel your passion!

AND you see the juicy experiment!


“Great businesses are not built by extraordinary people but by ordinary people doing extraordinary things! – Michael E. Gerber


XO  💕


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