That “I’m not good enough” gremlin, she’s a b*@tch……

Do you recognise the “I’m not good enough” gremlin?

I was speaking with a client of mine today who has recently started working for herself as a graphic designer.

She’s been struggling with some areas of the business where she’s not so knowledgeable, like the finances and marketing to get clients.

She’d started to feel overwhelmed by it and had convinced herself it would be easier to throw in the towel and go back to working for someone else. She was was upset, frustrated and pissed off.

I asked her what had made her think chucking it all in now would be the answer and she said, “Well, I’m just not good enough.”

I asked her “What she meant by that?”

She said “I’m just not good enough to make this work. I don’t know enough about the finances, marketing etc to get the business up and running.”

I asked her “Is that what you want to do?”

Her reply, “No, of course not. But I can’t do this, I’m not good at this business stuff.”

I asked her “Where’s the physical evidence that you’re not good enough right now”

Her reply “Ummmm. There isn’t any.”

I asked, “Where is the physical evidence that you are good enough right now?”

“Well, I have a Thank You card and a few emails thanking me for what I’ve produced for them. I have my qualification certificate. I have a portfolio of work.” She said.

“And how do you feel about those things?” I asked.

“Bloody proud actually.” She said.

I then asked, “How did you become knowledgeable about graphic design?”

Her reply “I learnt, I practised and I asked other people for feedback and help.”

“How could this help you now?” I asked.

“I can ask other people for help and learn how to do the things in the business I’m not so clued up on.” She replied.

“Can you do that?” I asked.

“Yes of course!” She responded.

“Right this very moment do you see yourself as a freelance graphic designer?” I asked.

Her reply “Yes I do!”

Finally, I asked, “Right this very moment what do you want?”

Her reply “I want to go and find people that can help me look at the areas of the business I need help with. I want to learn it all.”

Often when things feel tough or like hard work we can default to thinking, thanks to our inner gremlin or critic, that we aren’t good enough to make it happen, that we just don’t have it in us. It creates for an easy get out not have to face that massive hurdle that we need to get over.

Our inner critic seems to think that the easy thing is to throw our hands up in the air and say we’re done, we won’t bother, we’ll stick to how things are. And it’s this that then creates frustration and sense of being stuck in a rut because we don’t push through it and move forward towards what our heart really desires for us.

We’re all good enough to achieve our goals. We’re good enough for ourselves. We’re good enough for others, and if they don’t think we are then they are not our people!

I’d love to whether you have had experience of the ‘I’m not good enough’ gremlin and how have you been able to put it back in its cave?

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