This might be why you’re getting stuck too!

Something I’ve come to realise is that I move forward with my goals and desires  – my business, my health, my relationship etc – much easier when I’m not trying to force it and instead hold the effort of achieving them with a loose grasp.

When I get into the cycle of trying too hard and forcing things I tend to face an internal wall of resistance that I struggle to get past. It’s like a pressure cooker building inside. AND, I end up feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck.

I’ve realised this pattern to force things to be or exist often comes from looking at the outside world and thinking I should be doing more of that or have more of that or be more like that.

When I start to sense the resistance, I have to stop and check back in with myself and ask “What’s going on?”.

What’s become clear is that when I’m having to force things then it’s not the most authentic option or action or choice for me. Or it’s become overly complicated and confused.

This is when I look at these three options to either create a shift or change my perspective and ultimately my energy:

  1. Hit the full stop – stop trying, park it, erase…..
  2. Simplify – focus on one thing at a time and define what the steps are
  3. Get a reality check – I am where I am right now and I’m going to practice gratitude

So just yesterday I experienced this on a small scale…..

I needed to write this blog and had already scheduled the topic for it a few weeks back.

But when it came to drafting it yesterday … I couldn’t get into it.

There was so much resistance to putting just some words down.

I spent hours looking at a block screen (in between checking Facebook etc while I procrastinated).

I was getting frustrated and then started to panic because I didn’t want to miss my deadline (admittedly it was a self-imposed deadline – but when you work for yourself these are important!).

It then occurred to me to follow my own advice…… I questioned what was going on….

And what came back was that I just wasn’t resonating with the topic. It wasn’t the right choice for now.

So I hit full stop and parked it for another time.

Taking that decision to park it meant I could move on and create something else, which felt like less effort and got the job done. And here it is…..

It’s much easier when you loosen the grip, stop forcing and find the flow!

So what do you need to stop forcing? What do you need to loosen your grip around and let it happen more organically? Let me know in the comments below!


XO  💕


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