Kelly Benson - USA


Noleen Sliney


Rebecca Gibson - Australia

I had no idea how much I needed a coach until I talked to Alissia. Wow, what a gift to feel heard and understood.
As a freelance photographer, I work happily alone most of the time and I’ve grown used to the isolation.
It has been a surprise to realize how helpful coaching is for the soul. I feel like I can believe in myself and my dream more instead of feeling stuck in my head and invisible.
I didn’t know I needed to talk to someone who knows how to listen and ask the right questions for me to go deeper in myself in such a short period of time.
I realized that I’m my own worst critic and need to notice more my language around failing and starting and starting and failing.
After, I felt more whole and understood which has given me the courage to go in the directions of my dreams now instead of later. It’s truly inspiring to have a witness, someone on my team I can trust and confide in.
I would highly recommend Alissia for one to one coaching.

I was heard and understood – Pamela - USA

Alissia has a warm, giving and approachable nature that serves her well in making her clients feel comfortable and understood. I have found her coaching style very supportive and adaptable to my needs, and have recommended her to a number of friends who were in need of a supportive coach during very difficult times in their lives.


In coaching with Alissia I realised I just needed to get started, full stop. To get there though we explored my conflicts around not feeling good enough, getting things just right and blending things together rather than thinking in terms of black/white. How I know the direction I’m going in but feel like I should be ‘sensible’ and have a back-up plan. The influence of people around me and how a change in environment is changing my perspective.

I realised that I’m completely getting in my own way of making my business a full-time thing. I’m still trying to make everything go ‘just right’ instead of just going for it and adjusting as I go along. I don’t need it to be perfect, I just need to get started!

I don’t need it to be perfect, I just need to get started! – Becki - UK

To say it with Alissia’s own words, “Nobody NEEDS a coach, but everybody does need someone to talk to and to listen without judgement.” I consider myself to be fairly self-aware, and usually think I can find my way through the jungle of life on my own – I don’t think I NEED a coach.

Yet every time I talk things through with Alissia, I feel clearer afterwards, filled with new insights and inspiration. She listens without judgement, gently prompts and challenges, and offers different perspectives. She is sensitive in her approach but doesn’t let you off lightly if you’re starting to make the same old excuses. I can only recommend her – you might not think you need a coach, but working with Alissia might actually surprise you.

I don’t NEED a coach yet when I talk things through I feel clearer with new insights – Kerstin


Alissia’s approach is cool, calm and collected. She broke down the mountain of things in my mind to a clear action plan, taking away the lot, and leaving one thing at a time.
I did get on with things and was keen to progress till our next call. I would highly recommend Alissia to anyone struggling with moving on / progressing with their business plan!

Diana Koleva - London, UK

I first started working with Alissia during a difficult time in my life, when I was struggling with some mental health issues and felt very lost and confused in my own life. She was completely non judgemental, welcoming and friendly, and made me feel completely at ease. I was able to say things to her that felt uncomfortable but were important to acknowledge, and she gently helped me explore my thoughts and emotions.

If I’m honest I was hoping to be able to take the easy option and be given some answers, but Alissia helped me to make choices for myself, which I did not feel able to do alone. Her support has helped me make decisions that have had a really positive impact on my life and after every conversation we had I felt relaxed, reflective and positive. I would absolutely recommend Alissia to anyone (and in fact I already have!).

Liz - Southampton, UK


I had the privilege of working with Alissia for some business coaching sessions recently. I am at the early stages of establishing an online business and I am my own worst enemy sometimes!

I let my fears, anxieties and assumptions get in my way of making progress, leading to perpetual frustration, self-doubt and procrastination. Alissia really helped me to get past my own blocks by getting me to dig deeper and deeper into my thoughts and patterns of behaviour that I’d unintentionally and subconsciously built up inside.

As a result, I have been able to move forward with certain tasks I’d been procrastinating over, and I’ve gotten clarity over which tasks to prioritise. I have also been able to break free from one of my biggest all-time demons – imposter syndrome!

It’s been like a monster shadowing me for most of my adult life, and although I’m sure it’ll resurface again in the future, Alissia has given me some tools to banish it and press on with my most important work. Thank you, Alissia!

Mhairi Morris - Leicester, UK

I had a number of coaching sessions with Alissia during my own training as a coach and found that her intuitive instincts and quietly thoughtful style worked very well for me. It felt like a safe space in which to explore both my ambitions for the future and the self-doubt that sometimes popped up and threatened to hold me back. When I found myself skating around an issue rather than diving in, she often managed to ask exactly the question needed to take me deeper or generate a new awareness of what was really going on. I felt challenged and championed in equal measure and have come away with greater insight into my strengths and qualities, together with a clearer sense of how I wish to structure my working life going forward.


As a solopreneur with a growing business, I often found myself so busy working in the business with client work rather than on growing the business.
Alissia helped me to focus more and helped me be accountable in working towards my own business goals. Coaching with Alissia has helped me reevaluate and set clearer goals to help me move forward.
Working with Alissia has allowed me to take the time to focus on myself and my business development. She has helped me improve my confidence and positivity and I would recommend coaching with Alissia to anyone who feels stuck and wants to move forward.

Time to focus on myself and my business development – Rebecca


I signed up for coaching with Alissia because I was looking for accountability as I launched a new program for my business. When I signed up, I had a launch plan that I wanted to carry through, but from experience, I knew that my tendency towards self-doubt could disrupt the plan, and keep me from achieving my goals.

Having regular check-ins with Alissia not only kept me on track, but her thoughtful questions and helpful suggestions led me to make better decisions and ultimately see better results. Each time we met (virtually), Alissia created a space where I could easily share my thoughts and experiences.

She made me feel understood! I especially loved how she’d point out subtle shifts in my language and expressions which helped me see things with a fresh perspective while deepening my self-awareness.

From working with Alissia, I successfully launched my new program and gained tremendous insight about who I am as a business owner

Better decisions = better results – Elysha Lenkin - New York

Going through a change of career can be scary.
Talking about it with Alissia made me realise I am actually doing ok!
She helped me look at my fears and work out how I could overcome them.  She lets me lead the discussion, and by simply asking the right questions I came up with the solutions!
She also sets relevant challenges, which I take on. And I’ve felt so much better for doing so.
Sometimes you have to find someone who can help you take a step back to look at what you have achieved and want to achieve.
For me, Alissia was that person!

Change of career can be scary – Marie - Southampton, UK