When life throws you a curveball and business as usual has to take a back seat…..

There will be times when due to other things going on in your life, or you’re thrown a curveball, that you will need to dial back from giving your business all the attention you want.

Times when you won’t be able to sustain 100% all your business activities because something else needs your focus. 

I know because for the last month it’s what’s happened to me. 

About 4 weeks or so ago, I discovered that my beautiful fur baby (Springer Spaniel) Pepper was poorly with a large lump growing on her bladder 😢. 

She is part of my family and this came as devastating news! 

Her treatment involved going to a specialist vets some distance away from where we live. Taking here there for examinations and then surgery totally turned my usual day to day routine on its head, especially as I also had to stay with family to make the journeys easier. 

It’s been quite a stressful and emotional time (magnified by my current pregnant state), particularly as my other half was working away and although he was being as supportive as possible via calls, it’s never the same as having them around in person. 

I had to keep my business ticking over but I knew I couldn’t commit the same level of attention as I would love and want to. It knew it would become too overwhelming! 

I was determined to find as much ease in the situation, but still, have an eye on the business and the commitments I had. 

I focused on what was most important and that was to continue to deliver to my current clients and give them all of the attention I could. 

Everything else I put on hold – my usual weekly updates, other marketing and social media activity, networking, admin etc. I didn’t have the capacity to juggle it all and while sorting out Pepperpot 🐶. 

On a few occasions, I rearranged coaching sessions with clients so I could ensure I was fully present with them and not distracted by what else was going on. I talked down the little voice in my head that was telling me it was unprofessional to reschedule because I knew it was for the best for all concerned. 

I didn’t miss a call with anyone in the end and that felt absolutely awesome. 

I felt in control whilst knowing that I’d dialled it back. The control came from being consciously aware and choosing what I could do and what could wait. 

When circumstances result in not being able to give your business or project the 100% attention you want to….

  • Don’t beat yourself up about it! There are going to be occasions (possibly many) when other things in life crop up and change the balance as you know it. Getting angry, annoyed and frustrated is only going to exacerbate any sense that things are out of your control.  
  • Make conscious choices about what is most important and will have the biggest impact will help you feel more in control. This will involve you slowing down for a moment to do this! Take the 5 minutes to clear your head and decide!  
  • Know that your business won’t die or go backwards because you aren’t ‘doing it all’, especially if you do the point above! 
  • See that it’s likely to only be temporary – there will be a time when things shift again and you will be able to start to focus increasingly on your business again. It’s the ebb and flow of all things.

For me, Pepper is healing, the mass has been removed, and we are enjoying her being part of our family more than ever, and my focus is changing again with that, hence this latest update from me 🙂 

And in fact, this is the second time this year that I have been through something like this – the first being at the start of the year when I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy! Thank you nausea and exhaustion 😂 

And I know it won’t be the last! 

As with most things, it’s all to do with the approach you take in dealing with what comes up. You have the ability to remain in control through how YOU choose to react and manage your situation. 

And as an added little bit of fairy dust practice gratitude and self-love! These go a long, long way too! 



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