Clarity and accountability coaching for female entrepreneurs who need to give doubt the elbow, say bye to overwhelm and hello to assertive action.

Working with me offers an amazing safe space to be heard and understood. It provides time for you to be curious about your dreams and desires for your business, as well as your struggles and challenges without experiencing judgement or expectation.


I will help you find your answers by:

Being your cheerleader! I can do that already….. because just by taking the leap and becoming an entrepreneur you have shown amazing courage and are already making a difference in your life and you are so ready for much more to come!

Being your gold miner! I will help you dig deep into what’s honest and true for you and get underneath the excuses and perspectives that are holding you back.

Being your mirror! I will reflect back what is already there, which is often too obvious that you don’t see it yourself. And what’s there is what will give you the strength to go forward.

Being your sounding board! Whatever you need to bring to a coaching session is perfect and very welcome.

Not being the nodding dog! I won’t sit there and politely nod along, that won't get you anywhere. I will blurt, I will question and I will set you homework to do between sessions so you can step into action and move forward.

By being me! I crack little jokes and like a good giggle. I can be a little bit sarcastic when irony slaps me in the face. I do swear when it’s necessary. I am a bit excitable (it’s my inner 5-year-old). But I also like giving space for thinking, for reflecting, for appreciating. I'm not great at small talk, but I do love deep, explorative, insightful conversations. This is who I am during coaching, at home with my man and my dog, out with friends or posting on social media. You will get the real ME. 


1:1 Coaching

Through my practical coaching, you'll get clear on your vision and strategy and work on your mindset, skillset and energy so you move past your blind spots, get out of your own way, keep your sanity and work on your business with greater ease.

When YOU are feeling self-assured and crystal clear you will naturally make more choices aligned with you and your business.

So you can get a feel for what coaching with me is like, and we can make sure we are a good fit, firstly we’ll have chat.

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience a mini coaching conversation if you have not done so before!

In this call, we'll delve into who you are, how you're seeing the world now and how you would love to be experiencing it and define clearly what your goals are for you and your business.

This one conversation may create all the insights you need.

Allow 90mins for this potentially life-changing conversation!


I work with clients for between 6 -12 months.

Based on what's been gathered from our Connection Call, I will propose a coaching package for you.

As part of an individualised package tailored to you, I will recommend what I believe is the best approach for you to do the deep work that's required.

You will get crystal clear on your vision and from there the strategy will include:

  • Diving into your mindset, removing blocks/barriers and limiting beliefs that are getting in your way. 
  • Looking at skillset, what are the skills you need to add in to support you to achieve your dreams.
  • Working on your energy - removing the people, places and habits that drain you of energy, which will free you and have you moving more swiftly towards your vision. 
  • Setting actions and accountability to get it all moving forward.

Coaching calls could be 3 × 50 minutes a month or 2 x 1hr 20mins a month (bi-weekly). And we can discuss what's best when we talk. 

The investment in this coaching is a minimum of £3,800 (this is based on 6 months).

Beyond the money, I'm looking for you to invest your energy, your time and your commitment to jumping in and working towards that business and life of your dreams

I work with a limited number of 1:1 clients at a time, as this allows me to be the best coach I can possibly be and you to be fully at the centre of that.


I do also deliver intensive coaching days and many clients like to start with this at the beginning of their coaching to really immerse themselves in getting clear on how they have been getting in their own way and not making progress with their business and working on the change that's needed.  It can also be a stand-alone package.

  • 1 - 2 days
  • 6 hours each day
  • A one-to-one intensive with me in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, UK. We begin at 9 am and finish at 5 pm each day, including a break for lunch. If more than a day it will include centrally located accommodation.  
  • We will have a full day/s of creating together so you will go away with vision, clarity and tools to help you find ease in building the business and life of your dreams. 
  • If this is a stand-alone package you will get a monthly call 30-minute check-in call for 6 months.

Intensives are £1,375 for 1 day and £2,950 for 2 days (including accommodation). 

When you're ready to dive in, book a free Connection Call and we can explore how we can work together.

If you like having a community around you do check out my GROUP COACHING PROGRAMME too. 

.......I have committed to a percentage my income and my time each year to charities that aim to create equality and justice for women across the world. So through working with me you are also having a wider impact 💜 💫