Worrying you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur? Don’t, here’s why…

The term entrepreneur has in the past been banded around like a status symbol for the super successful.

Because a few decades ago they were doing things quite differently.

They’d set themselves apart from the rest. They were taking bigger risks than most would take.

However, since the turn of the millennium, there has been a significant shift; More and more people are seeing the benefits of choosing the entrepreneurial path.

They’re wanting to question the status quo, to do work or a job that doesn’t currently exist in organisations, to do something they’re passionate about, to solve a problem and create more fairness and/ or to live a different lifestyle.

I’m sure you can pick one of these or think of another as to why you’re pursuing your business dream.

But I bet there are some days when that little voice cuts through to you and plants that little seed of doubt. You hear it say something like, “You’re just not cut out for this. Not like, so and so, who is a real entrepreneur.” Or “You’re finding this hard because you’re no good at it!”.

I know I’ve certainly heard this from my own sh&t talking little voice at the back on my head.

So I feel it is my duty to point out that it is precisely that….. sh@t! It’s bullsh*t!

Because being an entrepreneur is NOT only for those who are “naturally entrepreneurial”, it is for anyone that is able to put their mind to it if the desire and will are there!

Yes, some people have a natural tendency to be entrepreneurial and already have a grasp of the top traits of a successful entrepreneur, but that doesn’t mean that someone who this doesn’t come so naturally to can’t do it!

In the same way that some Olympic athletes have a natural ability and a genetic advantage to be at the top of their game, there are also others who don’t have this but with a lot of hard work can do it and thrive too. And it’s because they are willing to do what is necessary to succeed.

What I’ve seen and learnt about entrepreneurs is that there are a number of common traits and habits that exist.

But what’s awesome about these traits and habits is that they are things we can all learn, practice and put into action!

There is NO big mysterious entity that makes being an entrepreneur and a successful one out of reach for you.

And I suspect that many of them you already know well and do to some degree. It’s probably what’s got you this far!

So what are they?

1. Seeing the bigger picture and have a clear vision!
Clearly seeing what it is you’re working towards becomes your Northern Star! Picturing this on a daily basis helps it become so compelling it will carry you forward every step of the way. https://alissiaknight.co.uk/make-your-vision-bigger-heres-why/

2. Giving time for deep thinking!
Setting aside big chunks of time to be solely focused on dreaming, on visioning and deep thinking. Slowing down to allow an opportunity for insight that has a much more significant impact. 

3. Setting a goal and ensuring everything you do moves you step by step further towards realising it!
Goal setting is a habit. A habit that helps you consistently stay focused and moving forward. It also reduces the moments of uncertainty because you have already clearly put a fork in the ground as to what you’re aiming towards. 

4. Creating plans!
Having set a goal and said you want to achieve XYZ you need to create the plan for how you’re going to get there. A plan sets out step by step each thing that needs to be done. 

5. Regularly reviewing behaviour and actions and whether they’re aligned to the plan!
This is a great article about prioritising work – https://www.forbes.com/sites/ericjackson/2012/07/24/the-only-thing-you-need-to-remember-about-the-seven-habits-of-highly-effective-people/#4e7a41a167f7

6. Continuously working on developing a positive mindset!
Now, this doesn’t mean having to be positive all of the time. It’s just not the human experience! We have a range of emotions for a reason. What it means is developing your self-belief and resilience, having greater self-awareness, understanding how thoughts impact your emotions and feelings and how this can have an impact on motivation and productivity. 

7. Surrounding yourself with the right people – your team!
Having a network of people who will listen, support, coach, mentor, inspire is crucial! And this doesn’t have to be people you see face to face. It could be people you follow online because of their amazing work. Use their teachings, content, courses, books. 

8. Acknowledging what you can’t or don’t want to do and give it to someone else that can and loves doing it!
You want to be able to get on with the things that play to your strengths, that fall within your zone of genius – this is where you will have the biggest impact on your business and journey as an entrepreneur. 

9. Continue to learn and grow to amazing at what you do
Always be a student and continue to learn within your profession and your work. You may have been taught one way of doing something, but stay open-minded and see what you can learn from another way and how you can bring it all together to improve your offering and the impact you have on your clients and customers. 

10. Not giving up!
Persist! Especially when something goes wrong. Don’t throw in the towel completely, look at how you can do it differently. Look for another way. Question why it didn’t go to plan and be curious about it – because here is where the answer will lie. This becomes easier when you’ve done the work on your mindset. 

As I said before, and you’ll now see, these aren’t mysterious, magical forces that allow only the few to make it as successful entrepreneurs.

These are habits and actions that you can work on and develop every day.

And I encourage you to! You’ll soon be able to tell that pesky little voice where to go as your confidence in yourself, your results and your impact grows exponentially!

It just takes commitment. Which I know you have in bucket loads!


XO  💕


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