For so long I’d look at other people and think to myself “How do they have all the luck and I don’t?” Quote "I don't like people telling me, 'Oh you're so lucky'. I ain't lucky. Your ship comes in because you're the captain of it" Patti Smith

“They’re so lucky to get that promotion.”
“They’re so lucky to have that relationship.” “They’re so lucky to…….” and the list would go on.

It look a lot of delving into self-help and looking at comparison for me to realise it’s not that these people were lucky; It’s because they had put themselves out there to get what they wanted.

They’d not lurked in the shadows waiting for things to come along (very guilty of that), they chose to seek out their ‘luck’ by making it happen.

It’s scary to put yourself out there but luck is more about choice and commitment, then things simply happening to you.

I beg you please, please make your own luck! Don’t wait around for it to be handed to you – you could be waiting a long time.

Feeling fulfilled and having the life you want comes from you being the ‘captain’ of your own ship and taking charge.

Three ways you can take charge:

1. Decide what you truly desire for yourself – explore the image/vision you see and feelings you want more of.

2. Talk to others about it and ask for help to give you support, time, freedom, choice to make changes.

3. Decide (write it down) what you’re saying YES to. Then what things you are going to say NO to.


You get to choose! You are the captain of your life ship, you get to choose it’s direction.


If you need help with deciding your direction and making your own luck then book in for a free Skype call to find out how coaching could help you.

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